Elusive Strength by Orange Culture

april 09-2012 | Skandikafrik | Fashion

     When the season for the sunlight ascend on the Scandinavia countries, time for transformation from winter has arrived. Season for colour changes is here. Skandik Afrik will like our reader to go through the patterned different colour variation presented in the Orange Culture 2012 collections which is summed up as follow;
“the elusive strength collection is about a misunderstood type of feminine
strength, a strength empowered by a woman's sexuality. It celebrates a
woman who understands and owns her beauty and the power that it possesses”

To all our cutie ladies out there, go through Orange Culture collections 2012; be more empowered with your strength, sexuality and beauty. Hit the street and make head turn in this warm season ;)





2012-04-13 15:29:50 | Emelie

Soo Cool outfits

It will be nice to have a place to order in Scandinavia countries, l love the short black pants with the top. Just for urban chicks

2012-04-13 13:45:33 | Saru

Long Dress

I want that long dress for my wedding party. Where can I order?

2012-04-10 07:31:10 | Joyce

Really nice

I like the first pictures with black long pant.

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