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    Hammarkullen got connected to the rest of the world on micro finance, cultural finance and crowdfunding in Folket Hus Hammarkullen on 17th April 2012 in Gothenburg, Sweden. There Max Valentin from Fabel Kommunikation in Stockholm, who has worked with crowdfunding together with cultural administration in Stockholm, Sweden, excited the audience with the new way finance ideal are created through the game Allogamy. The game was played by all participants who represented different organization like Tidsnätverket i Bergsjön, Chamber of commerce, ADA, Brewhouse, Carnival committee, BRG and HAM-SAM.

     Bert-Ola Bergstrand, Chairman of Social Capital Forum and host of Social Capital World Forum 2012 connected the audience with Unni Beate Sekkesæter in Norway. She is a senior adviser in Microfinance Norway with over fifteen years of experiences on micro finance.  She guided the audience through the importance of micro finance in the world, its developmental value to the economy of Norway at the present and creation of job to those that have good ideal that could generate money which at the same time create a simple platform for integrated cultural value according to the principle of Social Capital World Forum.

    While Adebayo Afolabi, a management consultant and a leading member that piloted a native community bank in Nigeria joined the audience through Skype from Toronto, Canada. He explained the importance of micro finance to the development of the economy which was evident in its growth in Nigeria where this is being practiced and embraced by the local community who does not have access to bank or may find it difficult to get loan from banks due to mandatory collateral or bond that is normally requested by financial institutions.

     Dan Robles is a director of The Ingenesist Project from Vancouver, Canada through his explanation on Skype to the audience was able to connect the future of social currency and that future technology to social media. Dan is an Associate Professor, a recognized researcher and he recently held global account management position in aircraft acquisition and aircraft service engineering at Boeing where he commissioned over 3 billion dollars worth of aviation products.

   The atmosphere at the venue was lighted up with music by Intercultural music groove from Angered in Gothenburg while food and drinks were served to all that were present at the venue for free. The seminar was sponsored by Hammarkullen 365,House of Win-Win, Utveckling Nordost, Social Capital Forum, Spring Aid,Bergsjöns Kulturhusförening and Skandik Afrik.


Max Valentin guiding the audience through a new financial ideal


Max Valentin presenting to the audience




Allogamy game, a new way of creating financial ideal

Peter Rundkvist and Magnus Helldahl

Food and fruits served at the Hammarkullen Interconnected


Unni Beate Sekkesæter connected with the audience through Skype


Bert-Ola Bergstrand listening                             Creating new financial ideal by playing 

to Unni Beate Sekkesæter                                      Allogamy game


Joseph Hahirwa explaining how micro finance works in Rwanda


Intercultural music groove from Angered  entertaining the crowd



Photograph by; Katrin Nilsson

Written by ; Kenneth Fagbe





2012-05-04 01:06:21 | Adebayo Afolabi

Good Concept

I was thrilled and stunned by the indepth kowledge shared and the global social capital integration. More grease to your elbow and my commendation goes to the organisers of this programme and presenters...

2012-04-24 21:13:24 | Tony

Very detailed Coverage

I was there and your coverage with the video really covers the whole event in full. I like your work. Keep it up

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