SIERRA LEONE-The longest natural harbor in Africa

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      Let take a trip to Sierra Leone, the country that is adjudge as one of the most religious tolerant nation in the West Africa and enjoy the bountiful marine resources. A friendly nation with the largest natural harbor in African. Welcome to the land, the Portuguese called the “Lion Mountains”

    Sierra Leone is a country in West Africa which shares border with Guinea to the north and Liberia to the southeast, however the southwest of Sierra Leone is open to the Atlantic Ocean. It is a country with about 5.3 million people (2011) and total land mass area of 71,740km² which make it one-sixth of Sweden land mass. In spite of different ethnic group with different language and custom, Sierra Leoneans are more united in marriage and religion when compared to other African countries. Majority of Sierra Leoneans are Muslim, while some are Christian and few others practice traditional religions.

     English language is the official language in Sierra Leone but majority of people speaks Krio which is derived from English, French and Portuguese  languages but heavily influenced by the traditional language. Other languages that are common in Sierra Leone are Temne, Mende, Limba Mandingo and many more.  

     Even though they have abundant minerals resources like Diamond, Rutile,etc. Sierra Leone as a nation has a long way to go in assuaging the suffering of its citizen and improve the developmental state of the country which was adversely affected by the civil war between1991-2002. The first country in west Africa to open up to western education by having the first University in West Africa (University of Sierra Leone). Lets go to the country that its capital is called Freetown and be free.



Sierra Leone population ≈ 5.3 million

Where in Africa: West Africa

Capital City: Freetown

Official Language: English

Other Languages: Temne, Mende, Krio, Limba, Mandingo etc.

For more on Sierra Leone; http://www.indexmundi.com/sierra_leone








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