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   The half of a marathon race takes place every year in the Gothenburg, a charm city, sitting at the west coast of Sweden with the largest seaport in the Nordic countries. Gothenburg Race attracts all age groups from different parts of the world. Part of the main reason the event keeps growing every year is that it promotes good health. From Mini Kid race (0-6 Years), to Young Kid Race (7-13 years), then Youth Race (14-19 years)and the Special Need are not left out in the weekend of fun and race, while the epic of the race cover 21km distance which is open to all ages.

  Gothenburg Race attracts lots of other countries to Sweden to participate in the event every year with many active long distance runner across the world that participate in the race and the result for the past four years have been consistently won by different Kenyans from East Africa with two news records over the last two years. It is also an event where family members are represented while the rest of the family comes out to cheer for them. The excitement of getting to see many talented athletes gathering together in Gothenburg, the fun of individuals seeing their family members/ friends participating in the race are some of many reasons its worth looking forward to every year.

 Skandik Afrik shares with our audience the 2012 Gothenburg Race which was actively participated to a record of 62,000 participants and won by Victor Kipchirchir, a Kenyan with a new record of 1 hour and 25 seconds to the history of the yearly event that has been on for the past 31 years. A Kenyan born Hilda Kibet but represent Holland won within the female category, running the 21 km on 01:09:25. However, Swedish best long distance runner Isabellah Andersson came fifth in the female category with a record of 1.10.30 while Adil Bouafif, a representative of Sweden in male category had a record of 1.05.06.   See the summary of the Gothenburg race from our view, the record setter, the fun maker and the health keepers.


Cross section of runner at the Gothenburg race


Winner Victor Kipchirchir with new record           Hilda Kilbat, the fastest female




       Isabellah Andersson                                      Adil Bouafif


          Some international athlete at Gothenburg race




Participants running through IT-University in Gothenburg

 Victor Kipchirchir receiving trophy





Photograph by: Katrin Nilsson

Text by : Kenneth Fagbe






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