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Afrobikini collections is a perfect summer wardrobe for all living in Scandinavian countries. It is perfect for  the beach or wearing it as a top with jeans or a skirt. A taste of African newest collection from Adama Ndiaye, the creative director behind Adama Paris, who recently participated in the  African biggest fashion show “Arise Magazine Fashion Week”  in Lagos, Nigeria.

       The aim of this collection according to Adama Ndiaye is to create something that will appeal to all women and make them feel womanly and sexy. Adama Paris label bridges cultures and identifies itself with women that refuses to be defined by one limited image or controlled by one brand or one culture.

 Take a look at their collections  and tell us what you feel.












 For more information click : http://www.adama-paris.com/


2012-06-03 23:37:51 | cynthia


Hello all, for all enquiries please email modemaisonpr@gmail.com. The bikinis are not currently sold in Sweden yet. Thanks!!

2012-06-01 02:17:17 | Paulina


Am just here for the first time. I like the first three bikini. Where can you get them in Sweden?

2012-05-23 04:45:35 | Katrin

Hood bikini sexy

Bikini with the hood look hot and very creative. Just like a me;)

2012-05-21 23:15:02 | Susan

First Pic my choice

I like the bikini in first picture. It will fit my body so well

2012-05-21 17:43:30 | diana


I am just in love it Where can i buy them?

2012-05-20 22:08:47 | deji

Good to behold

l just need to be there

2012-05-20 16:02:09 | Ola

Look nice

Am getting one if l know where to buy :)

2012-05-19 07:27:23 | Sarah

Selling where?

Where can l buy the bikini in Sweden?

2012-05-18 23:26:43 | Tony


wouldnt mind seeing some of these bikins during the summer :) *wink, wink*

2012-05-18 21:41:08 | wendy


dem e jätte fina och kreativt designade, önska att ja hade en :(

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