ABRAHAM AFEWERKI- Eritreans most respected musical artist.

maj 24-2012 | SkandikAfrik | Music

     Abraham Afewerki´s lyrics express clear and poetic images of Eritrea`s culture and values. He was born 1966 and died 7th October 2006 at the red sea. Even though he is dead his music lives on, attracting the average Eritrean when singing about social issues that they experience in society.

     Identifying with all the Eritreans that lives in Scandinavian countries, Skandik Afrik chose this great performer, song writer and music producer that lived a short life but achieved a lot with his unique voice and penetrating words. In one of his last work “Tigrigna” where he expresses his love for a girl, Skandik Afrik wishes all Eritreans in Sweden a happy independence anniversary.



2012-05-25 23:20:39 | deji


this is cool except for the language barriers.stay blessed skandikafrik

2012-05-24 15:39:55 | Dj High Voltage Johnny

Happy Eritrean Independence Day

Tnxs SkandikAfrik For writing this beautiful words about this Great Man Abraham he is the best of the best #1 Eritrean Artist May he Rest In Paradise..Tnxs Again for this Great Website and God bless ya all

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