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Hammarkullen Carnival is the biggest and the most colorful cultural street carnival in Sweden. The carnival comes alive towards the end of May every year with different music, dances, magnificent display of culture, stalls, games shop and street market. The carnival started in 1974 as a local festival, organized by the Latin-Americans from Chile and Bolivia living in the north-eastern part of Gothenburg in Sweden.

      2012 event started with the African afternoon on Friday 25th May with culture, music and dance from artist like Okes Masima from Nigeria, Ras Tonto from Ghana, the Wadajir group from Somalia, Congo Viking, Princess Charm and so on. Also different religious group were also represented with their dance group like Christopher Abika and the gospel mount zion singers, Redeem Christian church of God singers etc.

      Fun, colorful display of culture and street market continued on Saturday 26th May with street parade from  twelve noon where The Vikings from Gothenburg were on parade, Los Copihues display samba dance while Kiriaka showed the spectators sambareggae, Banadir Midnimo förening with Somalian dance ,Chile Lindo with chile dance, Kurdiska Förening in Gothenburg with Kurdish dance etc.

      The carnival was rounded up on Sunday 27th May at the main stage where Stefan Castello  sang, and Lilla Samskolan showcase their Swedish traditional folkdance, Göta Lejon was also at the central stage with many other dance group which finally ended in the evening. As a tradition of Skandik Afrik, we share with our readers the detailed summary of the biggest carnival in Sweden.


Ras Tonto representing Ghana  at the Hammarkullen Carnival in Gothenburg.

  Okes Masima representing Nigeria at Hammarkullen Carnival in Gothenburg

Lilla Samskolan dancing Swedish folkdance at the carnival



       Lilla Samskolan                                        Ungdomsorkestern Göta Lejon







Wadajir dancing group singing and dancing somalian traditional dance






For more information about the Hammarkullen carnival click; http://www.karneval.se/sv/



Photograph by; Katrin Nilsson

Text by; Kenneth Fagbe





2012-06-07 13:20:31 | LA


Good job guys.

2012-05-31 11:15:58 | Filip


Bra! Good work but it will be nice to see video as well with this kind of report.

2012-05-30 14:01:27 | Emma

Detailed coverage

Awesome! That is how l will describe the coverage of Hammarkullen carnival

2012-05-30 13:45:17 | deji fagbe

great work

what i am seeing from skandikafrik often impress me a lot pls do more never relent. keep the passing flaming

2012-05-29 10:38:01 | Africa

Best cultural carnival

I was there and it was very cool to see with a nice weather that weekend. You Skandik afrik are doing a great job and l hope you will keep the spirit burning

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