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        Eritreans living in Gothenburg celebrated their 21st independence anniversary in Kortedalavallen with a theme “Our independence is our pride”. The celebration started by four in the evening with a special welcome message to the thirty youths that just graduated from high school in 2012. Each of these students were called up to the stage and were asked to tell the audience the subject they read in high school and what their future plans were. The Eritrean flag was given to them as a symbol of their heritage which they should be proud of in their life.

     After honoring the youth with the flag, the official celebration of the independence anniversary began with an opening speech from the Chairman of the planning committee welcoming all the guests and emphasized the importance of Eritrean national day for Eritreans living in Sweden and other part of the world. He stressed the importance of honoring the martyrs who paid for their freedom. He also mentioned the importance of working for a fair and democratic Eritrea with equal and fair distribution of wealth among the nine ethnic groups in Eritrea. The representatives of other Eritrean organization highlighted the importance of strong relationship between Sweden and Eritrea.

    The celebration continued with Fashion show and traditional dance from each of the nine ethnic groups from Eritrea. Thereafter, they cut a cake and have toast as a symbol of united country while some people used the opportunity to mingle with other Eritreans and dance to music. It was successful independence celebration with large turn out from all Eritreans living in Gothenburg and its suburb. They came together as a big family, radiate joy and warmth in each other companies reflects the unity among them and above all, shares the importance of contributing their best towards the development of Eritrea and Sweden.



   Honouring the youth with Eritrea flag was part of tradition as a symbol of their heritage



                                                                               Tomas in Eritrea traditional clothes

  Cross section of high school graduates  that were honoured with Eritrean flag


Cross section of high school graduates identify with their culture by sharing food


                    Ahmed in Tigre clothes and Faid in Afar clothes


Cross section of the audience listening to speech delivered by the commitee chairman



                                                                             Micheal in traditional Tigrinyan clothes




                                                                             Mr Senay, the program leader for the occasion





For more information about Eritreans click http://www.alenalki.com/


 Photograph by: Katrin Nilsson

Text by ;  Benjami

Edited by: Kenneth Fagbe






2012-06-14 23:09:52 | deji

Good job

skandikafrik,i am indeed impressed by your activities, you doing a good job.keep it up

2012-06-11 10:08:12 | softtyra

who want try?

lovely, wonderful.Am indeed proud of u guys skandiafrik.keep up the good work.

2012-06-07 00:34:59 | Frank

So beautiful culture

I have never seen African looking radiant and happy like this.

2012-06-02 07:59:33 | John

Am proud to be Eritrean

One of the best way to appreciate africans is by bringing out the best in them and not by showing negative things about them all the time. Information should be balanced and correct. I like what am seeing in this page and am proud to be African

2012-06-01 19:03:24 | habte


Eritrener dör i sinay ni dancar

2012-06-01 01:24:53 | Alex

keep moving

Am following this webpage and wonder where all these African events takes place. Its awesome reading about different countries and cultures.We hope to see more. Good work.

2012-05-31 19:58:33 | tigistie


colorful--good job -i am looking forword to see more of that-i am proved of u-

2012-05-31 19:19:45 | Eden


Thanks for true and fair coverage of a beautiful event

2012-05-31 17:45:54 | TJ

May 24 GBG

Skandikafrics, thanks for the nice post and nice pictures. Really good job. Keep the good work up.

2012-05-31 16:50:38 | Zekarias

Eritrean Indpendence

What a beautiful pictures and beautiful event. please keep them coming.

2012-05-31 12:34:19 | senay solomon

for eritreans

its very nice phtos thansk a lot guys keepit on i am realy proud of us we will meet in another job. good job

2012-05-31 12:33:38 | Biniam


Dear Skandikafrik team. Detail coverage and excellent job. Just keep it up.

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