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  The Association of Cameroonians in Göteborg (ASSOCABORG) celebrated rich cultural heritage during the Midsummer Eve 2012 in Gothenburg, Sweden. The celebration started in the evening with a traditional Njang dance from the Northwest region of Cameroon. This was closely followed by a dance from the Sawa people of Cameroon. There were also two masquerades from the Manyu and Grassland regions.

       The Cultural heritage gathering has been a yearly event since 2007 by the Cameroonian community in Gothenburg which usually take place on the eve of Midsummer Day in Sweden. The uniqueness of this year cultural night was the inclusion of many more cultural values of the Cameroonians like Sawa dance and Manyu masquerades which showcased the cultural diversities of the motherland, Africa. However, the primary goal of this particular night was to raise funds to purchase drums and other musical instruments to complement the materials needed for the cultural costume.

     The Grand Cultural Evening was divided into three parts. The first section of the evening was the presentation of traditional dance group from Cameroon. Although there were over 250 different tribes in Cameroon, they were able to present just 4 out of these tribes and the   ASSOCABORG hopes to present more tribes in subsequent years with the assistance of good organizations and companies that will be interested in cultural diversities. The night then progressed to refreshments with traditional Cameroonian dishes for guests and ended with an all night gala.

     It was a memorable evening which was sponsored by Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan and covered by Skandik Afrik. Watch the summary of the traditional dance, see the Cameroonians living in Gothenburg in their beautiful traditional dresses and some handicrafts in display at the Grand Cultural night.  




     Some of the members of ASSOCABORG at the Cultural Night



                                       Some of the handicrafts on display



Pascaline Bih, the presenter for the evening          Epezitone Ebong in Bakossi traditional attire



Sawa traditional dance from Southwest              Njang dance from Northwest part of Cameroon


  President of ASSOCABORG Mr George and President of NFA in Gothenburg


                     Cross section of people at the Cultural Night.


          Some of African wares on display for Sale at the venue





       Obasinjom masquerade dancing



Article written by; Yongabi George Tala

Photograph by; Katrin Nilsson and Stefan Surya Andersson.

Video by; Gloria Matuka

Edited by ; Kenneth Fagbe








2012-06-30 03:31:42 | Isaac

I love this.

Great people of Cameroon and nice cultural night. Keep the dream alive

2012-06-26 23:17:23 | Hanna


Where did this take place in göteborg? I would have loved to buy some of the clothes for my boyfriend.

2012-06-26 17:04:31 | George Yongabi


Thank you to all of you who attended our Cultural Evening. A job well done also to Skandik Afrik for coming to cover the night. We hope you continue to support us as we work tirelessly to improve our lives here in Göteborg and those of our fellow country men back in our motherland, Cameroon.

2012-06-26 08:59:04 | Frank


Thanks, Skandikafrika for promoting African in Scandenavian. You guys are doing a very good job. Keep the light glowing

2012-06-26 08:56:59 | Francis


On behalf of myself and the Nigerians living in Gothenburg. I wish to send my warmest congratulations to the Camerouners in Gothenburg for a successful and colourful independence celebration. Best Regards

2012-06-26 06:57:17 | Frank

I miss Africa

You guys seems very happy. Love it and miss Africa. What are the names of the handicrafts?

2012-06-26 01:09:12 | LA

Good job

Congratulations to Cameroonians living in Göteborg. The cultural night was fun all the way and thanks to skandikafrik for doing a good job covering the event. The pictures are very beautiful with smiling faces :)

2012-06-25 23:58:23 | Nhlahla

the importance of keeping the culture alive

Nice job guys, i feel very proud to see that even though that the africans are far away from their countries they still find a way to come together and celebrate their culture and heritages, and you guys are capturing it all. May god give you the strength to carry on with your wonderful job and inspire other people that are far away from their homes. greetings from Canada

2012-06-25 22:31:47 | Frimpong

Nice group pic

I like this.

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