Ghanaian president, Atta Mills dead at 68

juli 24-2012 | SkandikAfrik | News

   The Ghanaian president, John Atta Mills has died after a short illness according to the statement released by the president’s office. May his soul rest in peace.


2012-08-01 00:32:17 | Relly

Too bad

Hope he was a good leader to his people?

2012-07-26 09:18:41 | Kevin

Time to use a younger generation


2012-07-25 12:30:01 | deji

this is irreparable

may his soul rest in peace

2012-07-25 00:17:26 | Tade

what a lost to Ghana


2012-07-24 21:58:27 | Kofi

Ah,So sad

It was true. just called Ghana now. So sad anyway

2012-07-24 20:22:10 | Kwame

Are you sure?

Are you sure this story is true? cos l still saw him on news some few days ago. If it is true, may his soul rest in peace,

2012-07-24 20:16:51 | LA

Rest in peace

May his gentle soul rest in peace Amen.

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