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       Gothenburg Cultural Festival 2012, an all-inclusive festival that happened between 14th-19th August 2012 was categorized into Music, Culture, Kid & Family, Activity and Sport, Drink and Market. It is an annual event that recognized the strength and the rich cultural offerings which makes Gothenburg an attractive city to live, work or visit. The event also improves the numbers of tourists that visits the city and above all integrate everyone together within the municipality.

      The project is in partnership with different organizations and businesses which also use the occasion to sell themselves to the public. Deep and excited pictures of the old city of Gothenburg were illustrated by Higab Group at Kronhus Quarter. Kronhuset is among one of the oldest building in Gothenburg. A place to learn about some of the values of the city which is a few minutes’ walk from Gustav Adolf`s Square.

      During the festival, Gustav Adolf`s square in the city central became a big market place with different food, crafts and arts across the world which were sold to the visitors. Food from Australia, Spain, Russia, France, Greece etc. while handmade craft from Africa by Schyst design was also available.

     The colorful week witnessed many activities from ballet to street hip-hop dance.  The street square turned to festive places with carnival, circus, market and much more with key artists that came to perform at the scene like Timbuktu, Richard Bona & Mandekan Cubano, Loreen & Melissa Horn, Mikeal Wihe etc. while Fatoumata Yayo and Edo Bumba brought music from Africa to lighten up the event with African Market place.

     It was estimated by the Gothenburg Cultural festival operative representative Tasso Stafilidis, that over 1.4 million people visited this year event which was a huge success compared to previous year of 900,000 visitors.

Here is Skandik Afrik summary of the Cultural festival 2012 through our lenses


One of Gothenburg oldest quarters "Krohusgatan"


 Inside trädgard in the heart of Gothenburg, a simple replica of a clean city

 Quality time for family at Gothenburg Cultural festival with kids



 A crowd at the Africa Market Place at the festiva

 Gustav Adolf`s torg turned to international market place during the fesitval


 Food from Spain                                                    Food from Holland                                               

        Quality time for family with children having fun

                                          Cross section of crowd



Photograph by; Katrin Nilsson and Stefan Surya Andersson.

Written by ; Kenneth Fagbe



2012-08-30 10:38:05 | John

Oldest Quarters

I missed this year event. I never knew the oldest quarters in Göteborg. Thanks for the information. Its a place l have passed many times without knowing

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