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   The follow up of developmental plan by Nordost Utveckling for the people that live in the North eastern part of Gothenburg was further extended to the Kortedala area, in seminar on Business Development plan between Sweden and Africa. The objective of the seminar was to bring together established institutions and individual African entrepreneurs in this region to share their wealth of experiences through their presentation. Some of the main speakers at the seminar were Nnaji Consult, Småföretagarcentret in Rymtorget and Angered, Tidnäsverket in Bergsjön, Global Picnic and Skandik Afrik.

    Business development between Cameroon, Nigeria and Sweden was presented by Aloysius Nnaji, a very committed and dedicated consultant through his professional expertise and in conjunction with Spring Aid ( a non-profitable organization) have been able to secure about 25 Million United State dollars for the take-off of Exim credit Bank Plc. in Cameroon. The proposed bank will focus on development corporation and projects in African and to help reduce the amount of interest rate charge on African in diaspora on money sent to Africa for developmental purposes. 

       Lena Magnusson represented Nordost Utveckling in her presentation encourages individuals that have the vision combined with desire to start a company not to hesitate to contact them for consultation and advice which will be offered for free. The young and dynamic teenage group that made up of Tidsnätverket in Bergsjön presented their short film with the tittle “NOT AS YOU THINK” which centered on the youths, police and the community with the effect violent action could impact on the society and how it could be avoided.

     Connecting Scandinavian countries with African continent was presented by representatives of Skandik Afrik, Gloria Matuka and Kenneth Fagbe. In their presentation, they highlighted the importance of their organization in filling up the gap by creating effective awareness on diverse African culture, music, celebrating African achievers, and giving support to enlighten programs that could unite Afro-Scandinavians.

     Babadir Midnimo, the Somalia dance group and the Rafiki dance group cheered up the audience with their dancing steps while Dembo, the Rootsman put up a brilliant stage performance with drums and the seminar was moderated by University lecturer on human right, Awa Mauhdi.


Dragan Sako and Bile Hashi from Nordost Utveckling


Young and talented Tidnäsverket group in Bergsjön


 Question time from the audience


 Aloysius Nnaji presenting at the seminar


 Rafiki dance group on the stage


 Skandik Afrik representatives presented at the seminar









Photograph by :Tony Banh

Written by : Kenneth Fagbe


2012-09-18 23:42:12 | Kenneth

Have you plan to start a company?

If you have plans to start a company and you want advice and support for free,get ib touch with Nordost Utveckling at this link http://www.utvecklingnordost.se/

2012-09-17 23:16:48 | Sofie

Vem är ??

Vem är Nordost Utveckling? I hope they will be true to their promise of helping me if l get in touch with them

2012-09-17 21:04:07 | SKN

bra jobbat

Ja. Well done from participants. Kudos UNO.

2012-09-17 16:21:42 | hamid

Thumbs up for Nordost

Nordost is the best in Gothenburg

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