Should a Mexican be a Personal Assistant to Tanzania Ambassador in Stockholm?

februari 15-2013 | Skandik Afrik | News

      Is it appropriate for the management of Tanzanian embassy in Stockholm to allow the position of Personal assistant to the Ambassador, a very sensitive position with highly sensitive and confidential information that even relates to Tanzanian national security or intelligence to be handled by a foreign national rather than by Tanzanian citizen or dual‐citizen? 

    By job description, a personal assistant not an ambassadorial secretary undoubtedly has first hand access to all the ambassadors in‐out correspondence. How could we guarantee that vital information is not been leaked to a third party or how could we attest to the loyalty of the said employee?

   I believe there are many hard working and educated Tanzanians living in Sweden that are qualified for this position with better knowledge of the country, good communication skills (English, Swedish, Swahili etc.) and that would see it as an opportunity to contribute his/her quota to  the homeland.

Had the Tanzanian embassy contacted all the affiliated Tanzanian associations (Tanzanian Förening) in Sweden, there would definitely be someone that will qualify for that position which will reduce the number of skilled or competent Tanzanian expatriates in Sweden that search for career opportunities such as this one.

    The African embassies should understand that creating employment opportunities to registered

affiliated associations in Scandinavian countries will encourage more active participants in their folds. More members will be willing to join such association and more people will be looking forward to attend any organized events by the embassies/associations.  With the increase recognition by African inter‐governmental and international organizations of the crucial role the African diaspora is playing for the continent's economic and political development; a good way for African governments to maintain diaspora concern and participation in the home and foreign affairs of their countries through engagements with their diplomatic missions abroad.

    However, the bone of contention in this matter arises from the fact that Afro‐Scandinavians lack the unity and dynamism to take affirmative actions, first within their host communities and then towards their diplomatic representatives. Instead of advocacy through a united front with a diverse agenda, there is rather a plethora of African associations with few memberships that can be characterized as self seeking, individualistic and survivalist.

    The intention of this article is not to incite prejudice, it is motivated by the observance of the especially very limited access to career opportunities, skilled African Diaspora face within their host and from their home countries alike. It is also to call the attention of the African Embassies in Scandinavian countries, to advise them to look inward to protect the interest of the Afro‐Scandinavian first, make use of these Africans living in Scandinavia with educational and technical skills to encourage others and purge themselves of personal interest. Above all, the collective interest of the country they represent should be the most important.


Written by Kenneth Fagbe with contribution from Nwanatifu Nwaco



2013-02-22 23:28:30 | Ibra

Let us think outside the box

@ Mary, you do not have to be a Tanzanian before you can voice your opinion as the author of the article has done. Moreso, the real story actually came from the local news. So it is not a question of making up a story but rather being objective. Will you deny the facts that many Tanzanian are here in Sweden, that could be qualify for the post? Lets think out the box pls!

2013-02-21 14:16:51 | Mary

Tanzania is not racist

The Author is not Tanzanian and does not represent the views of Tanzanians. The Embassy of Tanzania has always employed staff who are citizens of other countries and will continue doing so I guess if applicants have the qualifications needed. Stop spreading gossip in the name of Africanism!

2013-02-21 13:45:15 | thecitizen

Tanzania does not allow dual citizenship

The article suggests that it should be exclusively a Tanzanian or a dual-citizen the one to hold such job, in this respect it is good to highlight that up until this year, Tanzania does not even allow dual citizenship. One would hope that the author of this article knew more about his own country´s basic laws and procedures.

2013-02-21 12:35:15 | GBP

The Mexican Embassy

The Mexican Embassy has a Swedish woman as the PA to the Ambassador. The same as the Tanzanian one. It is usual for an Embassy to have staff from the local host country. Do you suggest that Swedish organisations should only employ Swedish people? This is just a gossip spreading article.

2013-02-17 23:46:41 | Mikeal

Mental Slavery

Africa with mental slavery everywhere in the world. It doe not matter where they are, its the same actitude. they do not believe in themselves. Too bad, or else what would be the reason not to use their own people.

2013-02-17 18:34:32 | Jeff

Ah! This is ridiculous

@ David, So how is the interest of the Cameroonians in Scandinavia protected?

2013-02-17 01:07:37 | David

Cameroon situations is worst

That is not a news to the Cameroonians! Cameroons Consul officer in Denmark is a Dane while Liasson officer in Stockholm is a Swede. So are there no qualified cameroonians in Scandinavians for these post?

2013-02-16 01:12:08 | ade

food for thought.

i bet,the vacancy to the Job was not announced to the Tanzanians. May be the Mexican is on work-placement doing its voluntary work or own a dual citizenship. if not, the ambassador{who ever employed the guy} should be admitted and given a proper check up.

2013-02-16 00:38:56 | Franklin


Within the content of this article, the African Embassy in Scandinavian should do more to improve their relationship with their citizery.Or is the Tanzania Ambassador having personal relationship with the Mexican?

2013-02-15 21:09:33 | obe


Qualification,nationality,loyalty etc,i think we strongly have to ask ourself or wonder if the mexican embassy not only in sweden but anywere in the world would be able to do the same thing(employ a tanzanian as personal assistant)

2013-02-15 14:26:51 | Edward

Provided you are qualify

On the secutiry aspect of the job, I do agree that a foreign national should not be personnal assistance to the Anbassador, however,anyone that qualify for any post can occupy it inrespective of which national

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