Stand out with Virgos Lounge Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

mars 30-2013 | Skandik Afrik | Fashion

      Stand out in the 2013 spring and tell your story!  Not with much shouting but rather with lines of clothes from Virgos Lounge mixed with different colors that characterized the spring season.  Stay in the central, with clothes that accentuates your body shape in a sexy and classical way. Get flowers nearby and make your intention known to those you care for.

Life is a gift but lifestyle is a choice or what do you think?







2014-01-07 18:29:22 | Raissa

2014 fashion

good evening, what are the trends for 2014 it comes to fashion, can you write something about it. will be very happy merci greetings from Rwanda

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The seventh edition of Skandik Afrik magazine, the magazine that promotes inter-relationship among the African communities living in Scandinavia.

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