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      Nigerians in the Western part of Sweden (Västra Götaland County) which comprises of Gothenburg, Borås, Trollhättan and forty six other municipalities, had a town hall meeting with the Nigerian Ambassador to Scandinavian countries, Ambassador Benedict Amobi which was part of familiarity tour by the embassy to explain what the embassy is doing to improve the quality of services to the Nigerians in Scandinavian countries.

  Ambassador Benedict,his Consular Mr. Ishaya Lazarus and Mr. David Samuel were also at the meeting. The Ambassador explained to the Nigerians what the embassy is doing to stand in for Nigerians in Scandinavian countries like:

  • Defend Nigerians on immigrations issues,
  • Improve Visa services to Nigerians/Scandinavian within short hours
  • Give technical support to Nigerians on businesses,
  • Promote the culture and values of Nigeria in Scandinavian countries
  • Relay the plan of the Nigerian government to Nigerians in western part of Sweden (Västra Götaland) etc.

However, the atmosphere became charged during the question and answer session when one of the Nigerian, Mr. Sunday Edekor at the town hall meeting raised his concern over the issuance of Nigerian passports in Sweden and the difficulties he faced in getting a passport for his son without any success.  The Nigerian Consular, Mr. Ishaya  explained to Mr. Sunday some of the challenges they had in the past which have now been resolved with the introduction of the Biometric Passport machine in Stockholm. The Ambassador gave credence to what the Consular Ishaya said and promised to personally pay for Mr. Sunday’ s son passport with assurance that it will be issued out to him on the same day he comes to Stockholm. A good gesture that came with applause from Nigerians at the meeting.

   The issue of nonchalant attitude of the embassy staffs were also raised, which the Ambassador promised to look into more and he offered to be reached by all Nigerians at any time through phone, mail or direct visit to him at the embassy.

Before the meeting ended, Mr. Chris Abika raised his dismay on Boko Haram, its negative effects and how it is hurting prospective Swedish investors that may be interested in investing in the northern part of Nigeria. Concern was also raised on the benefits from the developmental programs in Nigeria for Nigerian technocrats that reside in western part of Sweden (Västra Götaland) which the Ambassador answered by encouraging such Nigerian to join affiliated diaspora (NIDO-Nigerian In Diaspora Organization) in their respective networks.

Mr. Francis Ijenyo, president of The Nigerian Family Association in Gothenburg highlighted the importance of the Association in Gothenburg, their achievements and encouraged other Nigerians who reside in western part of Sweden (Västra Götaland) and have not joined the membership of the association to do so.

Ambassador Benedict Amobi, pleaded with Nigerians in Sweden to give President Goodluck Jonathan the opportunity to prove his good intentions by supporting the government.

Listen to the Ambassador town hall message in the video clip, see the Nigerians present at the town hall meeting and share your though with us.

    Video clip of the town-hall meeting in Gothenburg

        Cross section of Nigerains at the town hall meeting

      Amb. Benedict greeting Nigerians before he took his seat.

     Amb. Benedict addressing Nigerians at the town hall meeting.

      Amb. Benedict with Mr Francis Ijenyo and Mr Williamson 

  Nigerian Embassy staff with NFA representatives at the town hall meeting

     Nigerians asking the Embassy questions at the meeting


           Angola representative at the town hall meeting

   Amb. Benedict respond to questions raised at the meeting

Photograph by:Katrin Nilsson

                        Stefan Surya Andersson

                        Francis Löfvenholm 

Written by:  Kenneth Fagbe


2013-05-17 11:36:44 | Tayo

Ambassador of Hope

This ambassador is probabaly the best Nigeria has ever got in the Scandinavia. I wish him lots of success.

2013-05-15 06:11:04 | Femi

Nice coverage

I actually missed the town hall but thanks to Skandik Afrik for the coverage to allow people like us to see what happened on that day. Keep up the good work.

2013-05-08 22:48:21 | John


Abeg this video is too long but l like the quality of the work. To the embassy people, we are all watching to see if there will be changes and live up to the promises.

2013-05-08 04:29:19 | Eze

Na my man

N'digbo! that na my brother. Abeg leave am.

2013-05-08 02:45:42 | Chuk

How come only Sweden?

How come its only in Sweden? we never had this coverage during our own town hall meeting?

2013-05-07 01:17:15 | chris

Hope no be sweet talk?

This Nigeria ambassador look like oyinbo oh. Abeg tell make him fufill him promise oh. All these sweet sweet talk no do am good. You say 24 hours?? Eh! l go try them (embassy) l give you people feedback

2013-05-06 21:25:25 | Charles

Nice job Skandik Afrik

Nice job Skandik Afrik

2013-05-06 19:35:28 | Chiben


Good job my brother God bless u keep it up .

2013-05-06 08:42:28 | Anthony

See my people

It seems these people in Gothenburg are looking fresher than us here in Stockholm, or is it the picture or am the one that is not seeing right?

2013-05-05 23:49:32 | Alex

Time will judge your performance

He seems to sound convincing in the video and l quite agreed with Steven too on his point. I heard he came late to the meeting. Let wait and see.

2013-05-05 19:57:12 | Steven

Let us hope so..

Let us hope he will keep to the promises because they will do another thing when you called in to them in the embassy.

2013-05-05 15:25:28 | c


good job.

2013-05-05 12:28:49 | Danny


@JOB ...Cant you read his names, did Oyinbo ppl have that kind of name or havent you seen a Nigerian that is fair in color??

2013-05-05 07:30:04 | Job

Na Oyinbo Ambassador you get?

Is the Ambassador to Nigerian in Scandinavia white? Just asking.

2013-05-05 07:05:38 | Akintade Felix

good job

keep it up.....nice job.God bless Nigeria

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