Tanzanian in Denmark celebrated 49th union day

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     Finding out about our history and others around us is the greatest discovery!  This was what the Tanzanian Association in Denmark with the acronym “Tanden” started in 2007 with a few students and some Tanzanians living in Denmark. They aimed to unite and bring together all Tanzanians living in Denmark under the same umbrella. To give preferences to important issues pertaining to the Tanzanian national development like education, health, entrepreneurship, tourism, social welfare as well as encourage its members to contribute to the Danish society.

    According to the chairman of the Association, Mr. John Butondo, Tanden facilitate integration of Tanzanians in the Danish society by giving support to them within the little resources Tanden have. Provide medical equipment to local dispensary and through an alternative energy project in Tanzania empower the women living there.  Part of other projects that Tanden is presently undergoing in Tanzania is the sponsoring of three students in school from secondary school till University level which is in progress.  Mr. John however lamented the unwillingness of other Tanzanian residents in Denmark to join the organization.

   If you are interested in the famous game reserve such as the Serengeti, rich diversity wildlife or the highest mountain in Africa, “the Kilimanjaro” then you should be interested  in some of the food cuisine they shared at the event . A little guide for intending Scandinavian tourists that may be interested in visiting the home to Africa’s highest mountain.

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    Representatives of Tanzanian Association in Denmark


  Chairman Tanden John Butando

      Ikumbo dance group


       Zanzibar soya noodles                             Viazi mbatata


For more information about Tanzanian in Denmark click http://www.watanzania.dk/


Photograph by: Francis Löfvenholm. 

Written by : Kenneth Fagbe.


2013-05-17 15:09:18 | John

Tanzanian in Denmark


2013-05-17 11:15:41 | Alexander

Tanzanian food

By seeing these pictures and read about Tanden, Diaspora"Tanzania" finally i can see a great future coming from this association. Great pictures.

2013-05-16 01:39:11 | Topklas



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