First Teams from Africa have arrived for Partille Cup 2013

juni 29-2013 | Skandik Afrik | People and Events

  The first African country to arrive for Partille Cup 2013 is Zimbabwe. They arrived Gothenburg around 20:10 with some of their officials and two teams, boys 18 and girls 21. They looked very excited to be in Sweden. Some of the team members who spoke with Skandik Afrik crew said they were very prepared for the tournament. He continued further that they are from the Zimbabwe National Team and are in Sweden to do their country proud and are hopeful to go to Zimbabwe with Partille Trophy.

The team leader Mr Alphios Magiya said more teams are on their way to Sweden which are going to participate in Partille Cup 2013.

See some of the excited pictures of the first African country to arrive for Partille Cup 2013.

Plus a little peak into where they are staying in Ugglumskolan. 

Two Teams from Zimbabwe lead first appearance for Partille Cup 2013

The Girls 21 years at their camp in Ugglumskola

Boys 18, happy to be in Sweden

Dinner time for the whole group, after a long trip from Africa to Sweden

Written by: Kenneth Fagbe

Picture by Gloria Matuka


2014-04-09 16:25:05 | yemurai


it was amazing thank you soooooo much.zimbabwe love u soooooooooo much.

2013-07-01 23:15:29 | tanaka nyevera


Thank u so much iam one of the guys....zimbabweeeeeeerr

2013-06-29 11:34:30 | Teams playing


@Atoh, African countries playing this year are Kenya, Zimbabwe, Egypt and Nigeria. /Skandik Afrik

2013-06-29 11:10:08 | Kenneth

Match update on twitter @skandikafrik

@ Sarah, they are friendly match playing at Ugglumskolan today. Follows us on twitter @skandikafrik you will get full details

2013-06-29 06:30:21 | Sarah

When and where are they playing

Hej Skandik Afrik, let us know when and where they are playing as well so that we can watch them playing. Thanks you

2013-06-29 02:47:58 | Atoh

Thanks for informating us

Which other African countries are coming? Just wondering

2013-06-29 01:34:54 | Mutanda

First to come and win. Love Zimbabwe!

Welcome and we are happy to have you here. Looking forward to seeing your matches

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