Yoruba race history before colonization reveal soon in Stockholm.

augusti 28-2013 | Skandik Afrik | Culture

 African masterpieces to World Museums help to give a new image of Africa's history. Over 100 sculptures of metal, stone and terracotta from between 1100 -1500 years tells the story of the African Kingdom Ife in the south west part of Nigeria, where the people of the Yoruba  race in Nigeria today originate from. The objects testify to an early cosmopolitan center of power in West Africa, where Ife was one of the most advanced societies of its time. The exhibition has previously been successful in Spain, UK and USA.

  Dynasty and Divinity Ife art will be will be in exhibition in an exciting way in Stockholm with press preview on 6th September while the exhibition to the Ife art opens on 7th September 2013 at the cavern, Skeppsholmen, Stockholm.


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