Fashion show and Fun at International Welcome Party

september 11-2013 | Skandik Afrik | People and Events

Relocating to a new environment could be fun and very apprehensive! Learning a new culture, language or getting used to new people around you can be frustrating. However, making the best out of the situation especially for the new international students in Gothenburg was dreams come true at the social gathering organized by Expats in Gothenburg at Valand Club.

 Apart from the social aspect of students interacting with each other, there was a fashion show, live band and two DJs for a very cheap entrance fee.

If you missed the event, Skandik Afrik was there to fill you with some of the memories from the night.

                                            Claire, Blizz & Gloria

             The crowd, majority of which are International students





More pictures will be on next edition of Skandik Afrik Magazine 


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