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The annual Summit of the Norwegian African Business Association was held on 1st November 2013 in Oslo. It was titled, How to succeed in Africa. The session was opened by Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Børge Brende. While addressing over 300 guests present at the summit, he stressed the need for development and business in Africa, which he believed should go hand in hand.

Mr. Sanusi Lamido, the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria in his keynote address, highlighted some of the critical challenges the African continent is facing which hampered development in the region but he was quick to point out the enormous and huge market potentials that the continent has, with dynamic projects and reforms in different areas like transition to civilian rule, improvement  in democracy, centrality of the economy to government policies and focus of the government on transparency. He also said bringing production and manufacturing to Africa is where the potential with Africa and Norway lies.

 BBC presenter and reporter, Zeinab Badawi was the moderator at the main plenary session with Arif Naqvi (CEO of the Abraaj Group), Phuti Mahanyele (CEO, Shanduka Group) preferring solution on how to succeed in Africa.

The second plenary section focused on partnerships in an African context. Kjell Roland, the director of Norfund (The Norwegian investment Fund for Developing Countries)  one of the partners of NABA, gave advice to potential Norwegian investors who may be interested in  investing in Africa. William Asiko,(CEO, the investment Climate Facility for Africa),  Nita Kapoor (Director General at FK Norway), Arne Cartridge (Director of Grow Africa) and Jonathan Ledgard  also contributed in this section.

The Parallel session at the summit was divided into three areas. In the first session focused on linking capital to African opportunities, understanding the Africa investment landscape. Ivor Ichikowitz (Chairman, Transafrica Capital) ,talked about the opportunity to invest in Africa and to support Africa to grow businesses that will make money for everybody. Hon Fifi  Kwetey (from Ghana) , Lanre Akintola, also proffer solutions to a better understanding of the African investment.

The second session focused on navigating new water, deciphering political risk and security, corruption, due diligence and local content.

Identifying and developing human resources was  discussed on the parallel section of the third session.Mr. Lex Lindeman (Talent and Human Resources Boosters), Mrs. Lucrezia Biteete (CEO Laboremus Uganda), Mr. Marius Koestler contributed on this section.

Through the summit which was organized by NABA, credible business opportunities and partnerships between Norway and Africa was created and business barriers were broken down.


Summary of Interviews conducted at the Summit

         Cross section of participants at NABA Summit 2013

                Børge Brende and Zeinab Badawi

                                        Sanusi Lamido


          Arif Naqvi, Zeinab Badawi and Phuti Mahanyele 

                         Kjell Roland

                              Nita Kapoor


                          William Asiko


                      Phuti Mahanyele 

       Sharing idea on how to break down barriers in Africa


Meet African ambassadors/embassies representatives at speed dating


Ghana Representative at the summit


Burundi representative at the summit



Nigeria representative at the summit


African Ambassador/embassies represntatives at NABA Summit 2013


 Photo credit: skandikafrik

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