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The annual Gothenburg International Film Festival usually attracts films across the globe. Not only that, seminars, arts and many other creative activities are included in film festival. However of particular interest in 2014 was the invitation to a seminar of the celebrated African writer, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie in conversation with Jannike Åhlund a Swedish journalist and film critics.

 Chimamanda is the author of Purple Hibiscus, which was awarded the Orange Prize for Fiction in 2004 and the Commonwealth Writers Prize for the Best first Book in 2005. Her second novel, Half of a Yellow Sun was a huge success which was adapted to film that is screened in the ongoing film festival with huge response from the Swedes. Biyi Bandele, a UK base Nigerian playwright and novelist that wrote the screenplay was also at the seminar.  The novel got the Orange Price for Fiction and has been translated to 30 languages. 

Despite the fact that the venue of the seminar was changed to bigger hall to accommodate everyone, the awareness created by Skandik Afrik, (a company that work for the mutual interest and benefit of Scandinavians and Africans) and the International Writers Stage Gothenburg (Internationell författarscen Göteborg) through collective effort resulted in a crowd surge at the venue of the seminar.

The hall was packed to its full capacity while many people were turned back because there was no more space.

See the full video and the summary of the pictures of people at the seminar: 

Full video at the seminar with Chimamanda and Jannike

Chimamanda Adichie and Jannike Åhlund

Minna Salami and Biyi Bandele, the brain behind the Half of a Yellow film

Ethusiastic audience asking Chimamanda question

Cross section of the audience at the seminar 25 minutes before it starts


Picture of the crowd from another angle

After the seminar, Chimamanda with Harriet Lubenga

Chimamanda signing books at the seminar

Africans identify with Biyi Bandele, a UK based playwright


2014-02-05 23:36:55 | Teddy

Future seminar could be better

@Linus, l agree with you. It was like a square peg in a round hole. The interviewer was more interested on films and Chimamanda is a writer and not an actor. Communication seems to be a bit of a challenge also but like you said Chimamanda manage the occasion.

2014-02-05 23:21:56 | Linus

A Great Coverage!

I applaud the SkandikAfrik team for a job well-done. Although the interview was rather boring but Ms. Adichie rose to the occasion most admirably.

2014-02-04 00:27:20 | Michele

I like her charm

I like her charm.

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