African film festival in Stockholm

mars 23-2014 | Skandik Afrik | Culture

Scandinavia's biggest festival for African quality film took place in Stockholm with more than thirty films from all over Africa were shown. The focus this year was on uplifting female film makers in Africa. One of the female film makers at the festival was Mergeurite Abouet, an Ivorian writer known for her popular cartoon “Aya” a series about a teenage girl in Abidjan.  The popular cartoon has been turned into film called Aya De Yopougun which also featured at the film festival.

CinemAfrika feature films and documentaries made by filmmakers of African descent and serves as a platform and forum for African films in Sweden. The festival started in 1998 in Stockholm.

The opening ceremony was held at Södra Teatern where the building was packed to its full capacity. Ambassador Mandisa Dona Marasha from South Africa made a tribute through her speech and song to the late African icon, Nelson Mandela. Among the musicians and artists that performed were Silvana Imam who performed with Adam Tensta.

The ceremony was proceeded by party with some important authors like Brigitte Gacha, a Cameroonian author. Brigitte said when asked about the ceremony “I really liked it and the South African Ambassador song was fantastic”

Dina Afkhampour

Adam tensta, Silvana imam

South African Ambassador to Sweden, Mandisa Dona Marasha

Josette Bushell-Mingo


Uganda dancer

Victoria Kawesa giving a vote of thanks to the audience

Photograph by: Elina Bratt Lejring




2014-03-25 06:44:24 | Mary


Where are the film and when are they screen in Gothenburg? I will like to see the lists first

2014-03-24 22:33:55 | Mat


African films in Sweden? Never heard of that before

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