Weekend filled with exhibition, music, workshop & perfomance

april 09-2014 | Skandik Afrik | Culture

 “African Masterpieces- The story of the kingdom of Ife” tells a story of the early cosmopolitic power center in West Africa. Discover some of the world’s most sophisticated historical artworks. Over 100 metal, stone and terracotta sculptures dating from the 12th to the 16th century will show the technical and artistic accomplishments of the people of Ife, ancestors of the modern Yoruba of Nigeria.

 The objects show the worldview, rituals, and religion of one of the most advanced urban societies of its time. The exhibition reveals a side of African history that might change your perspectives on the continent.

Get inspiration from the amazing objects and create some yourself using mud, beads or fabric.

Take part of the interactive concert with Edo Bumba and also of the expressional song by singer/songwriter Lánres.

There will also be a performance by the Yoruba association.

Schedule for the day:

Date: Saturday 12 April 

12:00 workshop opens:

My inner mind- create in mud

Ankara- create in fabric

Colour- pearls and paper


12:30 Opening speech. Kalle & Yoruba- confetti!

Yoruba Association will perform a dance show

Edo Bumba- interactive concert

Lánre- Music

Fashion show Yoruba

Edo Bumba- interactive concert


Yoruba Association performs


16:30 last chance to enter the workshop

17:00 The end


Entrance fee for adult: 100 kronor.

Free admission for under 19 years.


Welcome to a weekend filled with exhibitions, music, workshops and performances!


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