Most sophisticated historic African Art open for exhibition in Gothenburg Museum

april 11-2014 | Skandik Afrik | Culture

Gothenburg officially welcomed Ife Art in Ancient Nigeria to the World Cultural Museum.

African Masterpieces, which are some of the world’s most sophisticated historical work of art, tells the story of the Kingdom of Ife.

Through showcasing more than 100 art pieces in metal, stones and terracotta sculptures dating between 12th and 16th century, the visitors will understand some of the technically advanced kingdom, deep into its religious practices or rituals and get a glimpse of their world view.

The exhibition is a gateway to learn some of the historical past of the Kingdom of Ife and indeed to have a better knowledge of the ancestral origin of the Yoruba people.Dr.Yusuf Abdallah Usman, the director general of the National Commission for Museum and Monument (NCMM) in Nigeria said at the opening ceremony "This is an opportunity to show that Nigeria has more to offer than football and oil"

Karl Magnusson, Museum director of World cultural Museum said "the world view of present day is problematic, when we seem to neglect that six out of the world’s top ten growing economies, are from Africa"

The much celebrated exhibition has previously been shown in Spain, United Kingdom, USA and recently in Stockholm.

From 12th April 2014 till 30th November 2014, the public will have the chance to see the rare origin of the modern western part of Nigeria at the world cultural Museum in Gothenburg.


Summary of the opening ceremony of Ife Art in Ancient Nigeria at World Cultural Musuem



 Pam Fredman, Rector Gothenburg University


 Dr.Yusuf Abdallah Usman, the director general NCMM, Nigeria


 Yoruba tribe representatives in Gothenburg


 Nigeria Embassy representative(left) with a delegate from Nigeria (right)



 Some of the historic work of art at the museum. Visit museum to learn more




 Mingling by invited guests before the opening ceremony


 Young and curious to know more about African Masterpieces










Written by; Sanna Ström

Photograph by: Francis löfvenholm

Edited by; Kenneth Fagbe.


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