Finland and Sweden lend their support to Bring Back Our Girls

maj 11-2014 | Skandik Afrik | News

Scandinavia countries rose in support of the over 200 girls kidnapped from Chibok Government Secondary School in Nigeria by Boko Haram terrorist group

There were arranged protests across Sweden starting from Malmö, Stockholm and finally Gothenburg.

In Finland, the Association of Nigeria community in Finland organized a similar protest  in Helsinki to show their support and denounce the activities of the Boko Haram terrorist group in Nigeria

Here are some pictures at the different locations in Scandinavia.


Protest in Helsinki (Finland) 

 Across cities in Sweden:


In Gothenburg

In Stockholm:



Photo credits: 

Finland photo by: Association of Nigerian community in Finland

Stockholm photo by: Nigerian Union, Stockholm

Malmo photo by: Ibrahim Drammeh at Cafe Panaffrica Malmö


2014-05-13 02:32:51 | Mike

What support is Sweden offering?

What support is Sweden offering? Afterall, Ericsson is making huge money from Nigeria

2014-05-12 23:20:02 | Obinna

Thank you

Thanks Skandik Afrik for adding your voice to this cause

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