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Destreet Art Foundation is a Non Profitable and Non-Political Project aimed at empowering youth from the age of 6-14 years through regular mobile art. Many African youth are discouraged to pursue their love for art as they are led to believe they cannot earn a living in this way.

 Destreet Art Foundation encourage the youths using artistic talent and passion to create products that can be sold in both local and international markets.  Youths gain life skills such as increased self-esteem, leadership, entrepreneurship and literacy.

An important and valued aspect of Destreet Art Foundation is the volunteers work.

Volunteers from all over the world who come to work with disadvantaged children and youth in

Kampala and Jinja in Uganda also partner with Destreet in their outreach work.

Over the last 5 years Destreet have used T-shirt art and other multimedia art projects to encourage and empower transformation and growth.

 Destreet is currently on a Europe tour on which the goals is:

-To raise money for the children and youth outreach voluntary classes.

-To collect supplies for the children class at Destreet Art foundation,

-To show the outside world the output talents of the Creative Ugandan children.


For more information about the European tour, click  here 


At the exhibition in Gothenburg


Some of the materials on display for sale


2014-05-14 13:38:07 | Jack


Goodwork Destreet, all the best on your Tour

2014-05-14 12:23:53 | Destreet

That is True.

Yes the trip is annaul so follow me and get in contact next year, the blog for the trip planning is alway www.supportchildrenart.wordpress.com thank you.

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