Do you know the most important two phone lines in Sweden?

november 04-2014 | Skandik Afrik | News

In case of an emergency in Sweden, the number to call is 112 and the number to call for health care advice is 1177. These are two important numbers that everyone in Sweden should know. Broadly, speaking 112 is used in case of an emergency while any other questions concerning healthcare and health is directed to 1177. When calling 1177, the call is directed to a nurse that answers questions and gives advice concerning health and assists in directing the caller to the right health care department for further help.

According to Elisabeth Kvilén Eriksson that is responsible for the healthcare hotline 1177 on a national level, once people are aware of the healthcare hotline 1177 and the services that come with it, we tend to have a returning clients

The healthcare hotline receives 5-6 million calls yearly. The phone calls consist of a wide range of questions regarding anything from different medical symptoms to questions concerning rules and rights within healthcare. Many questions about fever, sore throat, stomach ache, rashes are received. The service is available all the time and can be reached from all parts of the country. Approximately 150 000 calls per year are emergency calls and directed to 112.


-   The “112-phone calls” we receive at the healthcare hotline 1177 are usually about chest pains, suspicion about stroke, says Elisabeth Kvilén Eriksson. Making an immediate call to 112 in these cases is obviously crucial in order not to risk losing valuable minutes.


The emergency number 112 receives approximately 3,5 million calls per year. It´s estimated that around a hundred thousand of these calls that get through to 112 are less emergent calls that should have been made to 1177.


-  If more people knew the difference between the two numbers, they would receive help faster, says Bjön Skoglund a business developer at SOS Alarm. A consultation call made to 112 that really should be made to 1177 delays help to those that are in need of help. More over there seems to be a misconception that the process at the ER(Emergency Room) is faster if you arrive with an ambulance.


For more information, about SOS Alarm and the healthcare hotline 1177 see:




For more information about 1177 in different languages and about 112 in other languages and simple Swedish:




Sweden´s most important numbers:


112         Emergency calls when life, property, or environment is endangered

1177       Health care consulting on phone

114 14    Police number during non-emergency situations

113 13    Information number on the occasion of accidents and crisis


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