Ugandan in Diaspora to set up paper manufacturing plant in Uganda

november 21-2014 | Skandik Afrik | People and Events

Uganda Nordic Diaspora Investment Initiative (UNDII) was launched in Gothenburg, Sweden by Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga, the speaker of Parliament from Uganda with representatives from Ministry of Foreign Affair, Bank of Uganda, The Minister Of State for Economic Monitoring and the Diaspora Service Department on 8th November 2014 at Smyrna Krykan.

From the turnout of Ugandans in Nordic countries to the venue and future investors, it justified the purpose of the gathering which was to attract direct investment to Uganda.

Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga, before she started her speech called out the team that came with her from Uganda. She thanked the Embassy of the Republic of Uganda in Denmark and The Uganda Association in Gothenburg for establishing UNDII and acknowledged the important role of Ugandans in diaspora which she said were keys to the development of the Ugandan economy.

The Minister of State for Economic Monitoring – Henry Banyenzaki encouraged Ugandans in diaspora to come and participate in technological skill transfer and also partake in investment opportunities that are available in Uganda.

Fred Moses Mukhooli, The Diaspora Services Department, minister of foreign affair commended the Ugandan Ambassador in Denmark for his initiative and encouraged Ugandans to register through their embassies, local contacts or organization so that Diaspora Service Department and Foreign affairs will know how to solve the challenges the Ugandans in diaspora are facing.

The Ministry of foreign affair representative highlighted some of its roles and benefits to the diaspora as a bridge that connect potential investors to a reliable network of local officials and financiers while the Bank of Uganda representative at the forum gave some basic and vital information on how to invest in Uganda Government Securities.

The Uganda Nordic Diaspora Investment Initiative (UNDII) said they plan to set up a paper manufacturing plant in Uganda that will use locally grown trees as the main source of raw materials. Through this means they believe it will create employment for both the locals and the knowledge gained from the Nordic countries will add value to the economy of Uganda.

 See some of the pictures taken at both the launching and the after party.

Rt. Hon.Rebecca Kadaga

Fred Moses Mukhooli


 Cross section of people at the launching








 President of UAIG, Pastor Belton


At the party venue


 Mr Joseph Mbaziira of Ugamuziki radio





Photograph by:  Nissor Addourazakov

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2014-11-26 12:09:29 | Charles

Let wait and see

When they start we will believe them. I have heard many of such stories before.

2014-11-21 02:56:30 | Jane

My pearl of africa

My pearl of Africa. Miss home. thanks for the news

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