Before you buy the wine from Systembolaget||Ask some questions

februari 06-2015 | Skandik Afrik | People and Events

The Swedish authorities monopolize alcohol for good reasons, there is no doubt about that.

Study revealed that underage drinking is at a 40 year low according to research by the Swedish Council for Information on Alcohol and Other Drugs (Centralförbundet för alkohol- och narkotikaupplysning - CAN).

However, concerned group like Afrikagrupperna will like the public in Sweden to ask Systembolaget how they are handling the living wage and sustainability in the wine business because nearly three out of ten wine sold in Systembolaget stores across Sweden are produced in South Africa, Chile and Argentina where most of the wine industries are based on agricultural workers, whose salary and welfare packages are extremely poor.

The vineyard workers and farm workers need better living wages that can give them access to water, food, toilet, adequate housing as well as the right for better working and living conditions.

1) Ask questions about how the wine is produced:

- How are the working conditions of those who produced the wines?


2) Pick with you a bottle of Fairtrade system certified wine and an unlabeled bottle, go to any of the staff and ask what the difference is between the two bottles:

- What is Fair Trade for?

- Can Systembolaget guarantee a living wage this year?


3) Please call Tel: 0771-83 83 00 or email kundtjanst@systembolaget.se to Systembolaget's customer service and ask the same questions.

Photo credit: EU-SE-Stockholm-KK-Systemolaget

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2015-02-07 15:11:19 | Sanna

Just asking costs nothing!

Fairtrade guarantee that the producers get minimum wage and that the product is sold at market price. Conventional unlabeled wines have no guaranteed wage-standard at all and many workers do not earn enough to cover their daily needs.

2015-02-07 05:07:19 | Konte

I have many questions

With the prices they charge for drinks, l will need to know what they are giving back to the farmers.

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