Fanny Hägerstam won Frankofoni prize 2015

april 06-2015 | Skandik Afrik | People and Events

The price giving ceremony of Frankofoni prize 2015 took place in Uppsala University where Fanny Hägerstam Swedish journalist received the award from the Lebanon Ambassador to Sweden Dr. Ali Ajami who presented the award on behalf of French speaking countries in Sweden.

Fanny got the award through nomination for her work in the book “Det här är vår tid” which described the faith of four Tunisia women during revolution and focused mainly on issues concerning the development of the country after the revolution.

The project aim towards supporting Frankofonis humanitarian and cultural values and it is supported by Folkuniversitetet and Uppsala University in partnership with embassies of French speaking countries in Sweden.

 Lebanon Ambassor to Sweden Dr Ali Ajami addressing the audience

  Lebanon Ambassador to Sweden Dr Ali Ajami  holding the award


 DR Congo stand


 Tunisia embassy stand


 Romania embassy stand


 Egypt embassy stand 



 Photograph by:  Amun-Re

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