Cycling from Sweden to Africa

april 24-2015 | Skandik Afrik | News

Through a good narrative, shows the sincerity of the heart!

This article describes perfectly Carl-David Granbäck experience of Africans as caring, witty, accommodating and suspicious people. This is just a few of the numerous quotes of his positive view of Angola in his article “When I came to Bolonguera I encountered a group of beautiful Mucubal girls. They don’t wear anything on the upper part of their body but have very colorful fabrics carried elegantly around their waists and heads, together with bracelets, necklaces and sometimes golden ornaments on their forearms and ankles” 

Here is another quote from his article “. I was surprised to find 24/7 electricity and street lights, and the Catholic mission I stayed at in Maquela even had brand new lecturing halls filled with computers! At first it felt a bit lonely though because I had become so used to people asking me questions and following me wherever I was going, whereas here I didn’t get much of that kind of attention. Just like Guinea-Bissau, it felt like Angola had a Brazilian vibe about it, with a lot of music and dancing. I stayed four nights in a row in different Catholic missions and the hospitality was incredible. I was always given a room and a three course meal with wine and beer!”

Read more from this link http://www.swedentoafrica.com/ola-angola/


2015-04-27 02:14:58 | Charles

Deep and honest write up

I just like the way the writer describe his experience in Africa. Very honest and deep

2015-04-24 09:18:57 | Tim

Save money

Best way to save money and have better knowledge of Africa. Thanks for sharing your experience

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