CSN- debtor convicted to pay back 1.5 million SEK

september 06-2015 | skandikafrik | News

In 2014, CSN left a law suit in California against a man that lived in Stockholm during the 90´s and was given education loan for an American law degree. Despite the effort of contacting the man, he refused to make his payments and he was taken to court by CSN.

During the weekend the man was convicted to pay back the total sum of 1.5 million Swedish Kronor.

 The man is one of many borrowers that refuse to pay back their loans once they move abroad.

In USA alone there are over 2400 people registered to have taken CSN loan to a total debt of 980 million Swedish kronor.  With the successive convict that happened in San Diego, CSN will be able to collect more money from these debtors.

Global wise there are 9500 debtors that owe a total of 2.3 billion Swedish Kronor. Furthermore there is an addition 1.4 billion kronor distributed between 11 000 people of which CSN do not have their current addresses.

However, CSN has increased the stakes of locating these people. This is done through detective work, among others by searching internet in order to find addresses and thereafter taking legal action. After the successful case in USA there are similar processes in Germany and Australia. The verdict shows that if a loan is taken in Sweden, then that should apply in USA.

There are hopes that this should apply to more countries.


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