Dark band aids now available - “Beige is not the only skin tone on a Swede”

oktober 15-2015 | skandikafrik | News

There has only been skin toned band aids of a beige shade in Sweden, the radio station P3 news recognised this, creating a malignant debate. The topic of a demand for darker band aid was both attacked and celebrated.

One of those that followed the debate was Christina Löwenström:

  - I am black and have three dark children; this is an important topic for me. It is not about band aid, it is about the signal sent out on being included and seen in society, Löwenström says.

Christina decided to do something about it. Together with her colleague Camilla Hedberg, they got in contact with an American supplier and assortment of dark band aids.

  -  Products are created and adjusted to the norm, and the norm is a white middle aged man. I want to make sure that there is a band aid for dark skinned and I have succeeded with it, Löwenström said.

The reactions on the band aid have been many. Last summer Denmark’s foreign minister, Kristian Jensen, said that he was happy that he didn’t live in Sweden but rather in Denmark where there are more important debates than the shade of band aids that took place. Jensen later regretted what he said and apologised for his statement.

Within a week the new band aids will be launched at one of the pharmaceutical chains within Sweden. They will be available in three different dark shades.

  -   I have received a lot of positive reactions, many have not thought of the need for this before. Then there are also those that think that this is not an issue. But Swedish skin tone is not only beige, but many different shades.

The new band aids to the left vs the popular one on in circulation  

Photo credit: Oliver Lane

Article translated from www.metro.se

Photo credit of the kids: Tru-Colour Bandages and  private, 



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