NIDOE holds Nigeria-Sweden Summit in Stockholm

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Nigerians in Diaspora organization in Europe (NIDOE) is the umbrella Diaspora organization for all Nigerian professionals across Europe. As the interface between the Federal Government of Nigeria and Nigerian residents in Europe, NIDOE engages in Foreign Direct Investment to Nigeria as well as scientific, cultural or other areas of interest for the country. In line with the aim of the new government lead by President Buhari in Nigeria, NIDOE held Nigerian- Sweden Business Summit as part of this year activities of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Stockholm themed “A Collaborative Platform for Sustainable Business Relationship” which focused on investment, partnership and other issues relating to Foreign Directs Investment and how it affects large and small scale business in Nigeria. 

In his opening speech, the Chairman of the NIDOE organization, Dr. George Ahamefula Manuwuike emphasized on numerous benefits of NIDO and the significance of its collaborative partnership between Sweden and Nigeria.

The Social, Welfare & Events Director of NIDO Europe, Dr. Camillus Konkwo, who was the moderator of the Nigerian- Sweden Business Summit and NIDO Europe AGM, glorified the summit as one that identified Swedish solution providers willing to invest in Nigeria and solve challenges impeding the advancement of Nigeria.  Dr. Camillus Konkwo stated that summit has opened the Scandinavian business corridor and inspired Sweden to explore the most attractive business destination in Africa – Nigeria.  He expressed his appreciation for the excellent idea and hard work of NIDO Sweden chapter led by the Chairperson Mr. Ernest Ngadiuba.

Charge´ D’Affaires at the Nigeria Embassy Stockholm, Mrs. Jane Ada Ndem in her presentation spoke about democracy and transition challenges, opportunities and the way forward.  She emphasized the importance of the last transition of power in Nigeria which has boosted the confidence of investors in Nigeria. She said -the goal of the new administration is to attract more investors to Nigeria as demonstrated during  the recent visit of President Buhari to Germany, France and lately India.

Furthermore, she highlighted the resolve of the current government to fight corruption. The President and the Vice president demonstrated exemplary leadership by declaring their assets in accordance with the code of conduct law. The Charge´d’Affairs complied with the call on all public office holders to follow suite by declaring her assets when she travelled to Nigeria recently. On the current challenges in Nigeria, she reiterated that it is a window of opportunities for the Swedish investors to invest in areas like mining and agriculture in line with priority of the government to reduce over dependency on crude oil. She highlighted further investment opportunities in power, energy, education health, ICT and infrastructure and asked more Swedish companies to join the league of Ericsson, Volvo, ABB, Tetra Pak, Atlas Copco etc. in taking advantage of the over 170 million Nigerian with 60% under 40 years implying low cost of labour in a country that is the gateway to the West African market.

Malin Dacke, a representative of Chamber Trade Sweden highlighted the functional oversight of her organization to the audience which includes enabling international trade with strong emphasis on Africa. They also do policy advocacy and help corporate members to achieve their foreign business interests and make their country more competitive on the international market.

The Swedish West African Chambers of Commerce and Culture (SWACC), led by Chairperson Johan Stenberg who reiterate their role in facilitating trade between Sweden and West African nations, Some of the solution providers that showcased their products were Solvatten AB, (on water purification product) Againity (on waste to energy or heat to energy product) both very highly needed product for the Nigeria market.

The NIDO Sweden Chapter in a rare quest for fulfillment in NIDO objective as a vehicle for foreign direct investment, cash in on the opportunity of the highest assembly of the organization in Europe to create awareness and significance to the AGM, in the beautiful city of Stockholm being described as the Business hub of the Scandinavian. The evening was punctuated by a Gala night of dinning and dances in the African style of hospitality.

The Nigeria- Sweden summit was organized by NIDO Europe in collaboration with Chamber Trade Sweden, Nigeria Embassy and Swedish West Africa Chamber of Commerce and Culture (SWACC)

Cross section of people at the summit

Charge´ D’Affaires at the Nigeria Embassy Stockholm, Mrs.Jane Ndem


 Solvatten AB showcased their products


Nigerians in Diaspora organization in Europe (NIDOE) members

 Mr. Ernest Ngadiuba with Dr. George Ahamefula Manuwuike 


  Photograph by:  Short Spin Image

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