Hug someone today. Its Kramdag

januari 21-2016 | skandikafrik | People and Events

Have you given someone a hug today? Today 21st January is a national hugging day which was created by Kevin Zaborney in 1986 in Clio Michigan, USA. It is a day set aside as a form of sharing, support and to make human contact not for sexual purpose but to show warm relationship among people.

In Sweden, over 83 percent of people need a hug according to a survey on Quicktake/SSI. Most people within the age group 18-34 hug more often with 61 percent of them get hug within a day than the ones above these age group which are above 35 years.

It is also observed that some Swedish with African background but raised in Sweden are freer to hug than those that migrated to Sweden at adulthood which would prefer handshake than hug.


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