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Kenyans in Gothenburg celebrated their Jamhuri day with enthusiasm and energy. It was a climax for the end of the year meeting as well as a time to enjoy the independence and freedom. Independence day reminds us of the struggle for human rights and freedom. The theme of the day was `youth and freedom’.  The message of the freedom to be a part of nation building and unity was delivered by Ms. Sarah Nyangena the initiator of the process.

Everyone has something to give. This was the message of the day. The youth had the day to themselves to express their talents and confidence. They were filled with streetwise, hip-hop, chakacha and dancehall dances, song, flashmob and the religious cultures. They also displayed the Kenyan national fashion heritage which was crowned with end of year Xmas presents. It was a time the youth have not experienced before. They participated and showed their talents and got what they had wished for during charismas.

Besides the entertainment was also a buffet served hot to all at no extra cost. Kenyans came together and worked out that each and everyone can do something that they know best in different ways. Nyamachoma a key tradition among the East African Community reigned the occasion with dishes such as chapati, kachumbariand much more.

The aim of such celebrations is to promote the African Cultural Heritage, integrate the Kenyans abroad with their Swedish neighbors, to promote peace, love and unity and also to promote integrity.

We hope that the celebrations continue to enrich each and everyone in our participation in promoting integrity, development and advocacy issues among Kenyans and Youth in diaspora.

Written by: Sarah Nyangena.



 Anna(in glasses),Lana, Tullia(in mössa), Joanne.

 Mr Tony (African Union in Sweden) congratulating Abuo

  Mr Tony (African Union in Sweden) congratulating William

 Abuo doing what he knows to do best

 Happy Vanessa just got her present from Mr Tony (African Union in Sweden)

 Mr Aloysius(Nnaji consult in Sweden) ,Liz mwita and Lucy

 Baba Ugali entertaining the crowd

 Cross section of foods served at the venue

 DJ E-Z Frank (Part of crew of Sound of Blackness Stockholm)


 Special guest of Honour, Mr Paul



2012-12-12 18:01:55 | Joseph Akello

Jamhuri Day 2012

Where was this held, and will you be holding the same celebration in 2012?

2012-01-13 03:27:22 | Aiyesoro Samuel


I love this place its a nice place to ba yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh.NICE IDEA.

2012-01-10 01:17:44 | Evelyn


Feel so good having things like this around. Seeing people you know with happy smile on their faces. I love this and thanks to Kenyans for putting their acts together

2012-01-08 23:10:35 | Nyambuoro


What a nice occasion, Grattis Kenyans and please keep the fire of unity burning.

2012-01-08 22:52:00 | haras

the time is now!

MMMMh. This is wonderful. Many hands carry water indeed. Thanks kenyans and the youth team for your efforts in tha talents show. keep it up

2012-01-05 05:22:12 | Ayesoro Akintade

nice one

Now I know Uganda is green and beautiful.

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