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   During the afternoon and evening on 19th of January, Bergsjön was connected to the rest of World, through the event Bergsjön Interconnected which took place at Rymdtorget. Bergsjön Interconnected was part of Jelly Week, a global event that is meant to give people the opportunity to build new relations beyond national boundaries with the help of Internet. The name Jelly Week refers to people with different backgrounds meeting and working together and “stick together”, like jelly.  Jelly week took place between 16th and 22 th of January 2012, in over 200 places all over the world.

   Bergsjön Interconnected had a specific theme on how Gothenburg can become a town where people can collaborate over boundaries on a higher grade, not only over national boundaries, but between all kinds of boundaries with different age, culture background, society sectors or city districts. That is why the organiser`s had set a goal of attracting as many people as possible with different culture backgrounds to the event. People where able to mingle together, music was played by Yoko DJ:s while Mama Gumbo performed live to entertain the guests and the Danish web-TV channel Make Change TV was there to cover the events.

  During the event there were presentations and workshops held based on the theme of how to collaborate over boundaries. The visitors were able to link up to different places in the world on a big TV screen with live interview from different people across the world. The set-up was mainly to countries in Europe, like Spain, Switzerland, Scotland and Germany. Jelly Week dedicates a day per week to every continent and on Thursday the 19th of January it was Europe’s day. On Sunday the 22th the event will be ended with One World Day.     

  It is the first time that Jelly Week is arranged and from the initiative that was taken 3 months ago it has grown fast on a global platform. The people involved are at this moment discussing how the concept can evolve and be more permanent with improved technical solution in future. Furthermore, there will be follow-up to Bergsjön Interconnected in Gothenburg, which will be able to connect physical meeting points with virtual meeting points in the purpose of contributing to a town with more boundary crossing collaborations not only in Gothenburg but between Gothenburg and other parts of the world.  



Bergsjön Interconnected was arranged by Social Capital Forum, House of Win-Win, Bergsjöns Kulturhusförening and Göteborgs Stad Utveckling Nordost. No formal organisation stands behind Jelly Week, it´s a network of many hundred organisations all over the world.



Jelly Week in Gothenburg (Bergsjön Interconnected) 


Magnus Helldahl from Win Win company.


Ola Bergstrand( backing the camera) from Social Capital Forum

Participant at Bergsjön interconnected.

Magnus mingling with the participants.

Cross section of people at the Jelly Week 2012.

Mama Gumbo perfoming live to the guests

DJ and technical crew .



Photograph by: Katrin Nilsson
















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Jelly week

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Jelly Week (Göteborg)

Jag har missat

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