B's and Jay Z daughter Ivy

februari 12-2012 | Skandikafrik | News

The first pictures of Beyonce´s and Jay Z´s daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, have been released to the public eye. She is adorable. Just weeks following after the daughter’s birth Beyonce and Jay-Z have taken legal precaution to protect their child´s name, by filling a trademark application. In an attempt to prevent any use of Blue ivy´s name.

 It can´t be easy being a celebrity, having to worry about your child being exploited already from birth and the family not taking part of the profit…hmm either way baby Ivy will be making more money during her first months than some of us ever make during a life time. Those “exclusive” pictures the parents will be selling to magazines won’t be for a small penny.  

After a lot of rumors and speculation if Beyonce really did carry little Ivy or if she had a surrogate, we needed to look into it and here is the result:


We can clearly see that B is pregnant on this pic or she could very well just be coming from dinner

A couple of months later, we can see the stomach has grown BUT WAIT A MINUTE is a pregnant stomach supposed to fold like that?? 

This is B after giving birth, really?? Its as if she never had a baby.  Girl you need to share your secret. 

Baby Blue Ivy Carter

Proud Daddy(Jay Z) holding daughter.


No conclusion could be made from all of this, besides that the couple is

experiencing the joy of having a baby. We did come to another conclusion though B´s chest seems to have grown enormously.


2012-02-17 21:15:44 | Momo

Big boi

Jay z always on to....

2012-02-12 15:21:47 | Wendy

congrats beyonce

Baby Ivy looks so cute just like the mama. about beyonce body after delivering. a hand of money can work miracles

2012-02-12 07:37:34 | Sarah

Ivy look like Beyounce

Cant you see the baby look like Beyounce?

2012-02-12 01:21:30 | julie


check out the hair on the baby unusal straight hair for a black baby, just saying!!!

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