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Happy Valentine everyone, I hope you are all celebrating the day with the people that matter most to you. But really, why do we celebrate this day?  I am referring to all of you that go all in for this day. Do we need Valentine´s day to show our dearest ones what they mean to us by shopping till we drop or by being extra romantic? Although I can imagine this day would be a perfect excuse for those that would like more romance in their relationship.

It is said that the history of Valentine day is hard to obtain in any achieve and the veil of centuries has made it hard to trace the origin of the story.  Valentine day was said to celebrate the priest St. Valentine that was prosecuted for marring couples during a time the emperor in Rome had forbidden couples from getting married since he believed that married men in war were weak.  For doing this St. Valentine was sentenced to death on the 14th of February. To honor him February 14th became a day that young Romans offered handwritten greetings of affection, known as Valentines to women they admired. 

 Now to my curious thinking, who usually spend more on Valentine day out of the two genders and why? I have gotten the impression that the expectation on guys on that day is higher than that of women; correct me if I am wrong. A guy is expected to be creative or arrange for a way to express his inner feelings. Uhm! Now when asking some men what is expected of a woman on Valentine day, they seem not to know what to say, but as it is said men are simple creatures and hurry to answer the question with a simple answer, “the best way of celebrating a perfect Valentine is getting some loving by the end of the celebration” that l presume is why they spent more. Women on contrary know what they want and how they would want their Valentine day to be spent from simple list of countless numbers of roses to expensive treatment in a place of comfort and glamour depending on what the man can offer. Valentine day has become a commercial day in which money can be made within various businesses which takes us to the do’s and don’ts on Valentine’s day.

For all you single people out there:

Do                                                                                  Don’ts

Spend the day with someone you sincerely like.

Give him/her a nice treat if you can afford it.


Don’t stress yourself if you don’t have a date. Why not   spend that money on pampering yourself, let the day be about YOU. Why not spend it with friends/family.   If neither of these is forthcoming then you can comfort yourself by knowing   that you are at least not spending un-necessary money.



For all you Couples out there:

Do                                                                                  Don’ts

Show your partner some loving EVERY NOW AND THEN. It will make them appreciate you even more.

 For the forgetful   partners, DON’T FORGET ABOUT TODAY, otherwise you would not have   a peaceful day.





2012-02-19 01:44:29 | Aiyeboy

A day to remember

I will never forget valentine cos its one of the best days in a year i love skandik afrik

2012-02-17 04:54:23 | Alice Nillson

10 Valentine ticket

Valentine is a special day of love and should be celebrated with love ones.I would be at Dee Vibez's valentine party.

2012-02-15 03:20:48 | Ayesoro Akintade

Show some love.....

Yes.........show him or her that you really care.......nice job Mr Ken....

2012-02-14 06:05:12 | Scot

Lovely piece

Guess l understand why my female friends have been so particular about today. To get more gift if l may think.

2012-02-14 01:40:06 | Wendy

valentines day

I didn't know the history behind this day, but anyway it sure feels good when your sweetheart shows some apreciation and spoil you once in a while. It's kind of nice to see if the guy will even try to do something for you, it shows how much he cares about.

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