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Skandik Afrik would like to present a popular dance form Azonto that has gained worldwide prominence within a short time. 

Azonto is not only an expressive dance but music form as well that originated from Ghana. Azonto as a dance form has flexible moves and like any other African dance, the move includes hip movements and knee bending. The dance was first called “Apaa” (which means work) and was to represent movement activities like driving, washing, boxing, ironing etc.  Azonto is spreading like a wild fire across the world, it´s a fun and easy dance form to learn and has grown very popular among all age groups. If you would like to learn some moves that could be useful on the dance floor check the following videos.


Azonto - Fuse ODG Feat. Tiffany


Azonto Ugandan style (Killer movez)- Tip Swizy HD 2012


2012-03-03 23:10:24 | Nkem


Learn some moves now. where are all my oyinbo friend??

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