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                Introducing the warrior king. Rich in Gold, home to the largest artificial lake in the world by surface area “Lake Volta” and the second largest producer of Cocoa in the world. Akwaabe (Welcome) to Ghana, the gold coast of Africa. Ghana is located in the West Africa, sharing border with Burkina Faso to the north, Togo to the east, Gulf of Guinea to the south and Côte d Ίvoire to the west. As a pacesetter, Ghana was the first country in West Africa to regain independence from their British colonial master.  The country has a population of about 24 million people and can boast as having the best educational system in West Africa. English is the official language which is used in school and as means of business transaction, although there are about nine other different languages in Ghana which are also thought in school like Akan, Dagaare, Dangbe, Dagbane, Ewe, Ga, Kasem, Nzema, and Gonja. The Kwa language which is also known as Twi and Fante is widely spoken in all part of Ghana.

Skandik Afrik got some translation of Twi to English and Swedish languages through our Ghanaian friend which we will share with our readers

ENGLISH                           SWEDISH                         TWI ( KWA)

Good morning                    Godmorgon                         Me ma wo akye.

Good afternoon                  Godmiddag                         Me ma wo aha.

Good evening                     God afton                           Me ma wo adwo

What is your name?            Vad heter du?                      Wo din de  sԑn?

How old are you                 Hur gammal är du?             W`adi  mfie sԑn?

Welcome                             Välkommen                       Akwaaba

Goodbye!                           Hejdå!                                Nante   yie.!

Thank you                           Tack                                   Me da wo ase.

How are you?                     Hur mår du?                        Wo ho te  sԑn?

I am fine                             Jag mår bra                         Me ho yԑ

Where can I get a taxi?     Var kan jag hitta en taxi?     Me sre wo mԑ nya taxi wo he?

Where is the way to            Var finns toaletten?           Me sre wo agya nan  bea wo hԑn?  toilet?

Where can I find a hotel? Var kan jag hitta en hotel?   Me sre wo me nya hotel wo hԑn?

How much are you selling   Hur mycket säljer du          Wo neԑma no yԑ sen?

your goods?                         dina varor  för?                           

I want to eat                       Jag vill äta                          Me re pԑ biribi aka m`ano.

I want to drink water         Jag vill dricka vatten          Nsu kom di me.

I want to buy a drink/beer  Jag vill köpa en drink/öl          Me  re pԑ biribi anom.

I want to buy cigarette       Jag vill köpa cigaretter            Me re pԑ cigatrette

I want to sleep                    Jag vill sova                           M`ani kum

I like you                            Jag gillar dig                         Me  pԑ w`asԑm

This is my friend                 Det här är min kompis            Me  yonko  ni.




Ghana population; ≈ 24.3 million

Where in Africa; West Africa

Capital city; Accra

Official Language; English

Other Languages;  Akan, Dagaare, Dangbe, Dagbane, Ewe, Ga, Kasem, Nzema, Gonja.

For further information; http://www.ghana.gov.gh/


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2012-03-10 14:37:37 | Chiben


great job , keep it up nice 1.

2012-03-06 10:07:25 | Akpan

Happy Independence

I celebrate with all my Ghanaians brothers and sisters today

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