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      The international woman´s day is celebrated on 8th of March every year, it is a day during the year when equality and women situation all over the world is emphasised. The idea of an international Women day was presented by Clara Zetkin in 1910 at an International Conference of Working Women that was held in Copenhagen. The idea arose when the industrialized world was expanding and turbulent. The inequality and oppression women were experiencing incited them to demand for change by demanding equal right with men. Today the International Women day is designated as a national holiday in many countries and commemorated at the United Nationals as well.

       As the rest of the world, International women’s day in Bergsjön, Gothenburg was
a day filled with joy and togetherness from different organizations. This year topic was on Women, Body and Clothes. Women in these areas wine and dine together with open expression, and dance to music. This was followed by words of encouragement and support which was delivered by Anna Hedman  (Chairman in the Eastern district of Gothenburg) which centered on women`s  right, integrity, support and equality and she also used the occasion to congratulate women.

       The event was organized by Rafiki Initiative organization in partnership with other organizations like African Union (now called SpringAid), TidsNätverket i Bergsjön, Isra Kultur och Idrott Center and Komet Utveckling. The successful partnership with different organization add colour and glamour to the international women day in Bergsjön which allows women from different background like Somalia, Congolese, Kenyan to mingle together and showcase their cultural and traditional values.

The closing remark for the International Women Day was given by Willy Kiela, a politician from Eastern district of Gothenburg with words of praises to the organizers for gathering women, family and people in Bergsjön together.


















2012-04-22 21:59:22 | sarah

long live women

waau thanx for all participants for this day. cameramen what a marvelous job you did. Kudos Ken and >Katrin crew.

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