Burlesque in Gothenburg

In order to understand Burlesque in Gothenburg, you will have to understand its context: Burlesque dates back to as far as the 19th century, but its form today owes more to a type of 50’s striptease that developed in theatres and cabaret shows at the time.Today Burlesque has become many things, from an art form where undressing on stage is not even compulsory to a dance said to celebrate our body’s many different types of shapes making it sometimes more of a political expression of feminism.    Both men and women can perform, but when men do it is called Boylesque, although it seems like more women visit Burlesque shows and clubs. Burlesque can boost any birthday party, celebration or workshop and it can be a true investment in your relationship! It might even be the only form of expression in Sweden that is sensual and sexy at the same time and doesn’t come from a southern culture. Burlesque has also given the LGBT-community a platform, as you can gather from the article “4 years of struggle”.

kotton kandi
Photo from Kotton Kandi. Photographer Peter Gaudiano.

The show-restaurant Oakleys is setting up ”Seven deadly sins”, a yearly burlesque show with a ”julbord” (Swedish Christmas buffé). The premiere is on November 18, but what is new this year is that you can have the show move into your living room, or if you are a restaurant owner, you can rent the show for your place. Go on a journey back to the 1800’s with its treasures, cogwheels and music from the 20’s with soul, jazz and rock, while you revel in a three course meal and take pleasure in the lust filled vibe.

The Burlesque elite in Gothenburg however, gathers at Tip The Velvet Burlesque Club in Gothenburg where The Velvet Vixens, – a burlesque troupe who serve as resident dancers while also performing both group and solo acts in other venues. From the Velvet Vixens only Kandi von Kane, Miss Mary Anne, Ruby Sparxx, Scarlett Nixe and Mystic Luna from Gothenburg have Facebook pages although Mystic Luna of course doesn’t reveal much on hers.

Tip The Velvet Burlesque Club in Gothenburg was initiated by Kandi von Kane, – or Anna-Karin Dollheart as is her real name and Swedish Siren (who is no longer active) from Gothenburg, She also started the club Kotton Kandi which is on pause since the pub On Stage was closed down, but will soon be back. She has a blog on Burlesk.se where her last blog in September was about the worst mistakes to make as a Burlesque dancer. She offers shows and workshops for bachelorette and bachelor parties and is traveling all over the country as well as in the world. She loves to bring surprises and sensual humor into her shows, was awarded Miss Pinup Scandinavia 2014 and Miss Pinup International 2014 and has been part of the inauguration of the P3-guldgala 2010 and Musikhjälpen 2011.

For more Burlesque in Gothenburg there is cheeky Kitty Sincane, also from Gothenburg and educated at the Burlesque academy in Stockholm, who provides bachelorette parties shows all over the world and won the Octbooberfest Tasseltwirling Champion in 2012. Octbooberfest, is Stockholm Burlesque Festival´s cancer research fundraiser gala for the Pink Ribbon Campaign. For a selection of video clips from her routines, please don’t be shy and check it out on her Facebook page.

The Stockholm Burlesque Festival throws off its annual Burlesque festival on November 12 on their Saturday Night Burlesque.

Classes of Burlesque in Gothenburg:

Adrelnalin, 250 SEK/1 hour, but takes at least 10 people for a total of 2500 SEK, book!

Artistique Dance & Show School, Selma Lagerlöfs Torg 19, 1494 SEK/13 times, Wednesdays 7 p.m- 8 p.m.