Why cultural identity is important for the survival of our heritage

As of lately I have been thinking about what cultural identity is and the impact it has on immigrants living in foreign countries. Cultural identity is the identification or sense of belonging to a particular group based on religion, ethnicity, nationality or gender. Let us take it from the beginning and allow me to properly introduce myself. “Why cultural identity is important for the survival of our heritage”

Home – A Poem by Somali Dane

Last night she came into my room with 2 cups of tea. Sat down on a chair and just looked at me. I asked her what was wrong. It was 2 AM. The silence and calmness surrounding us put us in a trance. Her eyes absent from mine. Looking at the white wall behind me. Seeing things, I could not see.

Where is home I asked? She answers Galkayoo.  “Home – A Poem by Somali Dane”

Malmö African Festival

Annual African festival organised by the Senegambian cultural association in Malmö. The event showcase African music, dance and food from the different parts of Africa and a variety of activities for children organised by Watoto Malmö. “Malmö African Festival”

The Third Culture Kid

-To live in a conflict of loyalty with your own country
We, who read this magazine sometimes have one thing in common; we have grown up in different cultures. In English, it is called TCK, an abbreviation of Third Culture Kid. We have followed our parents abroad and during our formative years we have grown up in different cultures and this will affect our identity for the rest of our lives.  “The Third Culture Kid”