Passion for animation

Discovering a passion for Animation

For many people, animation was a large part of their childhood and for others, it continued being part of their adulthood. Animation isn´t solely for children’s consumption there is animation work that specifically targets different age groups. According to statistics from Statista the worldwide value of the Animation Industry is valued to 259 billion USD as of 2018 with countries such as the United States, Japan, France, China, Korea, Germany, and Canada at the forefront.

With the animation industry being such a large market, contributing factors to the rapid growth is correlated with the advancement of technology. But who are the people that create the magic when putting an animation story together? “Discovering a passion for Animation”

Rapatac lead in creative activities for youths in Gävle: Moussa N’daiye the man behind the project

Moussa N’daiye started the company Rapatac 15 years ago with the aim of improving the lives of youth in one of Sweden’s most segregated area “Nordost in Gävle”. Through his work, he has been recognized by the king in Sweden and was chosen as “Svensk Hjälte” (Swedish Hero) in 2009. Today, Rapatac has an activity center, academy etc.  And it is a household name in Gävle commune. The story of the Senegalese-Swedish will inspire you. “Rapatac lead in creative activities for youths in Gävle: Moussa N’daiye the man behind the project”

An interview with successful Fitness Entrepreneur-David Samuyiwa

He started a Fitness company in Gothenburg that not only educates aspiring Personal trainers but also offers tailored training to their customers. The company has now grown and spread to 30 cities all over Sweden. Not only that, DS Trademark is also in Denmark, Norway and Finland and is still expanding…

Read how David Samuyiwa, was able to break the barrier of language and carve a niche for himself in the Fitness and Training industry in an exclusive interview with Skandik Afrik. “An interview with successful Fitness Entrepreneur-David Samuyiwa”

Catching up with Jaqee at Gothenburg Cultural week| What to expect on her next album, challenges & joy

Born in Uganda, famous in Sweden but now living in Germany. With three successful albums, Jaqee is set for another surprise in her next album which will be out on 20th September. She has been nominated twice for the Swedish Grammy awards, voted for 2010 Reggae album of the year by iTunes in France, a constant guest at Swedish Television SVT. In her encounter with Skandik Afrik crew at the just concluded Gothenburg Cultural Festival in Sweden, she bares it all in an interview on her journey to music, challenges, joy and what to expect on the next album. “Catching up with Jaqee at Gothenburg Cultural week| What to expect on her next album, challenges & joy”

Meet the Scandinavian-African link builder for grass root development

A true believer in the development programs in Africa, that creates jobs through his various programs and network like EmAC, EASEN, SocEntLab etc. He is also a bridge builder between the Scandinavian countries and the African continent by helping to facilitate for foreign investment in Africa. Skandik Afrik presents the exclusive interview with the Glow of the week, Svein Mork Dahl. “Meet the Scandinavian-African link builder for grass root development”


Skandik Afrik had the opportunity to interview Jason Diakité, known under his stage name Timbuktu. He is born and raised in Lund in Sweden, on 11th January 1975. Since the release of his first single, Lifestress in 1996, he has released 9 albums on which he had won five Grammies between 2002-2005 in Sweden and has sold gold on Alla vill till himmelen men ingen vill dö album both in Sweden and Norway. Alongside this, he has had several radio programs and been a host on TV. Adding to his fleet of achievement he recently won a Grammy award as the best Hip-hop and soul for the year 2012 in Sweden. “TIMBUKTU BEST HIPHOP/SOUL 2012”

Glow of the week

Getting to book a time with Dr. Kayode Adekunle was not easy. He is a researcher and a lecturer at the University of Borås, he is also the coordinator for waste management project in Nigeria. Skandik Afrik Interview the Glow man of the month, a pacesetter and an achiever.

“Glow of the week”