Books for children with afro hair

Children of all ages appreciate books in different ways. But many children’s books, especially in Scandinavia, have characters that don’t look like African children. Even small children at age three or four may notice this. And when they are introduced to a book with a character that has afro hair and brown skin they are overjoyed to see a character that looks like them. “Books for children with afro hair”

Hands in my hair

When you live in a predominantly straight-haired region of the world like Scandinavia and have afro hair, you will encounter a lot of people who are very fascinated by your hair. Adults sometimes act like children and all of the sudden can’t control their hands, which move so fast that it almost seems to be a reflex. I don’t know how many times I’ve been in situations when friends or co-workers say, “I just have to,” and at the same time their hands are already in my hair. “Hands in my hair”

What I wish I would have know sooner about natural afro hair

Life is like a journey and so is caring for afro hair that’s why it’s called “hair journey”. When I first started reading natural hair groups online I didn’t understand why it was called “hair journey,” but over time I realized that it made sense. Figuring out how to care for your natural afro hair isn’t always easy, it is all about trial and error. “What I wish I would have know sooner about natural afro hair”

Caring for your natural afro hair in summer

Each season affects our hair and as summer has arrived in Scandinavia let’s look at some tips to maintain healthy hair during this season.

As with any other season keeping your hair moisturized is key to maintaining hair health. A daily spritz with water can help hair that’s been dried out from summer heat and wind. You may even opt to spray your hair morning and night to add extra moisture. “Caring for your natural afro hair in summer”

Letting Go Of Your Beauty Crutch

Before figuring out how to care for my hair I used to cover my edges with a scarf. Most of the time my hair was in a ponytail and my edges were covered to hide the frizz. I didn’t know how to deal with my dry and frizzy hair for years so I chose to cover it instead. I didn’t know that these cotton scarves I was using were actually contributing to my hair being dry as cotton as it absorbs moisture. “Letting Go Of Your Beauty Crutch”