What Natural Hair Expression And Abbreviations Mean

Are you new to the natural hair community and find yourself confused by words and abbreviations? Or do you get put off and lose patience when you read blogs and online forums without being able to follow the whole conversation? Like any community, the natural hair community has developed it’s own way for speaking in terms of words, expressions and abbreviations. Sometimes it’s easy to figure out what a person is speaking about by the content, but this isn’t always the case. Here’s a list of useful words and phrases to know when you are diving into the natural hair scene: “What Natural Hair Expression And Abbreviations Mean”

When to trim your afro hair

A common question which has no easy answer is when or how often you should trim your afro hair. A hair dresser may respond with every six to eight weeks, whereas a hair vlogger with long hair may say once a year. There seems to be many different answers to this question and no “one fits all” answer. “When to trim your afro hair”

That everyday colorism

Yes, my youngest daughter is darker in her skin than her older sister and yes they have the same mother and father. If you have an issue with that or feel the need to question or express it, please do. But know that I won’t keep quiet. You will get my full story on how I view your ignorance.
“That everyday colorism”

Preparing your hair for colder weather

As we enjoy what could be the last days of warm weather this summer here in Scandinavia, it’s good to think ahead a bit. For some, summer is about protective styling and not worrying too much about their hair. For others, summer is the time of year when they wear their hair out the most, exposed to the elements. Whichever person you maybe it’s good to think a bit about the cold months that are about to come. “Preparing your hair for colder weather”

Emotional Attachment to Hair

There are people who claim that hair is just hair and nothing to fuss about. But to many women (and men) hair is so much more. The thought of shaving one’s hair off is something that many women wouldn’t even do for the offer of 1 million euros. Due to the fear of something going wrong some will avoid getting their hair cut by anyone but their regular hair dresser. Or they will refuse to color their hair for the fear of the color coming out bad. Time and time again women express their attachment to long hair. They will even go so far as to refuse to cut off damaged hair due to this fear of losing length. “Emotional Attachment to Hair”