Cape Town Natural Hair Fest

On December 18th the first ever Cape Town Natural Hair Fest was held at the Blue Bird Garage in Muizenburg, South Africa. The event was hosted by the five stars Eleonore Barkes (@eleonorejadore), Kasuba Stuurman (@mevrou_stuurman), Chantal De Kock (@chantaldekock), Amanda Cooke (@capetowncurly) & Simone Thomas (@kroesrocks). After months of planning the day had finally come for all their hard work to show.  “Cape Town Natural Hair Fest”

Burlesque in Gothenburg

In order to understand Burlesque in Gothenburg, you will have to understand its context: Burlesque dates back to as far as the 19th century, but its form today owes more to a type of 50’s striptease that developed in theatres and cabaret shows at the time.Today Burlesque has become many things, from an art form where undressing on stage is not even compulsory to a dance said to celebrate our body’s many different types of shapes making it sometimes more of a political expression of feminism. “Burlesque in Gothenburg”

Gothenburg Nightlife on a Tuesday

As on Mondays, it can be hard to party or have a Gothenburg Nightlife on a Tuesday. But don’t lose heart, I have done the research for you! If you want to start early, you could start in the evening with something that even the kids can join. Enjoy free admission at the Flunåsparken with your whole family at Sockenvägen 24 that includes fireworks, music and a talent show Tuesday 6th of September. “Gothenburg Nightlife on a Tuesday”

Gothenburg Nightlife on a Monday

Gothenburg’s Monday Nightlife 

Is there even a Gothenburg Nightlife on a Monday? A lot of people return to work on Monday and it feels perhaps even less fun than the feeling of a Sunday. But not all of us have the same work schedules, and some are free on Mondays. And there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be doing something fun when you have the time, right? Bear in mind that some bars are closed on Mondays, however.  Here is your guide on what to do on a Monday evening.  “Gothenburg’s Monday Nightlife “

Malmö african festival

Children learn a lot through what they see. Malmö African Festival brought together West African and Swedish Culture. The festival offered children’s activities, dance performances, colourful stalls with clothes, jewellery and hand made baskets. “Malmö african festival”

Perception Gap: Patrice Naiambana on migration, decoloniality and Othello

It’s been a little over a week since BE.BOP 2016 has ended, and I’m still contemplating the many gems that were experienced both here in Copenhagen and Berlin. Founded, conceived and curated by Alanna Lockward of Art Labour Archives who herself describes BE.BOP as  “a generative curatorial script.” Where Lockward “stages a dramaturgy, and each participant is a star in their own right, who recreates the script following their own connection with spirit.” “Perception Gap: Patrice Naiambana on migration, decoloniality and Othello”