Gothenburg Nightlife on a Friday

It’s finally Friday, which signals the weekend for most of us, and everyone seems to be happy! So, how do you make it the best Gothenburg Nightlife weekend ever? Well, read through my tips and I’m sure you’ll be able to find something that’s fun!

Fridays are known as the day that you go out ”After Work”, or ”AW” as they also call it.  You can go clubbing, barhopping, or even to a Quiz.  ”Afterwork” is a very Swedish word that doesn’t exist in the English language. It is the day of the week when the Swedes allow themselves to hang out with colleagues from work, or meet up with their Swedish friends. But if you do try to hang out with a Swede – make sure you book your “date” about two weeks in advance or it will be hard for the Swede to attend due to what could be referred to as a culturally excessive form of planning control. Impromptu happenings is not so common here, so it’s best to plan ahead if you want your friends to make it.

Gothenburg nightlife on a Friday
Gothenburg nightlife on a Friday

For the bars and restaurants ”After Work” means that alcohol is very cheap for a few hours (ala Happy Hour) with free food or sold at reduced prices. All this is done to beat appeal to bargoers and is an attempt beat the competition. They know that if you eat, you most likely will drink. There are a million places for Afterwork, but here comes a few recommendations for a Gothenburg Nightlife on a Friday:

At Hops bar, at the end of Andra Långgatan in the intersection of Masthuggstorget you will find an After Work where you can also enjoy a Happy hour (drinks served at a reduced price) between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m.. Hops is open to 2 a.m. should you have found friends that make you wanna stay all night.

Very close-by, you can stop by Haket for a quiz at Första Långgatan 32. But make sure you come at 8 p.m. or you will not find a seat. Haket is known for its diverse audience which means it doesn’t matter what gender or how many you are into, you can still come as you are and be very open about it! The great thing with Friday quiz at Haket is that if you start singing when there is a music question, you can always relieve your annoyed friends by going down to the basement for karaoke instead. If you check Haket’s webpage, you will find the title of the songs on a pdf-file, which makes it possible to practice for hours in front of the mirror at home before you go out to perform.

If you like to be closer to the Avenue on a Gothenburg Nightlife on a Friday you can go for After Work at Brasserie Ferdinand where you can get a very cheap buffé for only 45 SEK per person and beer/cider/wine/soda for only 25 SEK! This is served between 4 p.m and 8 p.m. every Friday. The atmosphere is very special with its convent like columns in the basement and makes you realise that even Gothenburg was very medieval once upon a time.

Friday is also the night especially designed to go clubbing. Excet opposite of Valand at Vasagatan 52 is a fun place for dancing when you are single or going out as a group. You can start already at 10 p.m. although I recommend to get there closer to midnight because it can be a bit dead before then. The age-limit is 20 years old. The entrance is 140 SEK but it is well worth it since the nightclub boasts of intending to create the best party feeling in town on a Friday night. Sweden has an annoying tradition of keeping people in a line outside to give the feeling of being the most popular place on the street. A way to get around this is by joining a guests lists that you can sign up for, so if they put your name on the list you can skip the line or stand in a special line to get in faster. This is done by calling in advance.

Other places to go party for a Gothenburg Nightlife on a Friday is LouLou at Magasinsgatan 3 open to 2 a.m.. If you need to stay out later, there are plenty of places to go that are open until 3 a.m.. Here goes: DD Pub FREE entrance until 11 p.m.otherwise 60 SEK, or the Rihana edition at Jazzhuset for 100 SEK with an age limit of 18 at Erikdalbergsgatan 3, or Club del Mundo at Grill del Mundo with FREE entrance before midnight at Kungsportsplatsen 1, or Bara Magnus at the intersection of Magasinsgatan/Drottninggatan 5, or Valand with a 30+ club called Club Harlequin starting with ”After Work” at 4 p.m. followed by a night club from 10 p.m at Vasagatan 41, or Park Lane with an age limit of 22 and a FREE entrance possible if you register on their VIP list, or Lounges at Kungsportsavenyn 5, 150 SEK age limit 25, or Sticky Fingers offering different concerts or Bee open to 3.00 a.m.. If this is way too early for you then you can still go to Nefertiti with different entrance fees depending on concert with opening hours until 4.00 a.m. on Fridays.