Gothenburg Nightlife on a Saturday

Gothenburg Nightlife on a Saturday might be the moment of the week when nothing can compete with your favorite club or favorite bar. Our opinions may differ. Why don’t you write or comment at and let us know what you think? Saturdays should be given some extra care though, and it is high time to top up the budget to make it a special day.

Eating is a good way to start off the busy Gothenburg Nightlife on a Saturday.

For a sushi lover like me, I shared my Sushi love with my friend from Tanzania and she is now so happy that I introduced her to this world of raw fish. Once you try it – you will be hooked. There is a nice place at Rosenlundsgatan 4, called Al sushi where they also serve dumplings and gives you a perfect night out to treat yourself or your friends. Remember that Sushi requires a perfected way of eating: A misu soup to clear your metabolism, then a bit of ginger to tease your taste buds, and then carefully a dip of the sushi in your wasabi mixed soya sauce to a final reset of your taste buds with another bit of ginger. If you are totally stubborn and refuse raw fish, you could try Barabicu with its Pan-American kitchen and only for those 23 years and up, with FREE entrance, dated to the days when they cleaned up Rosenlund from the red-light-district branding three years ago. If you are a bit younger than 23 you might want to try Basque at Magasinsgatan 3 where you can also savor some tapas-like Pintxos with a tooth pick, having an age limit of 20 and opened at 4 p.m. until 2 a.m.

The prelude to a party after this fantastic meal, and a perfect way to start your Gothenburg Nightlife on a Saturday on the 29th of October is with “fika” (a Swedish coffee or tea break with something to snack on) for FREE at Stadsdelshuset at Första Långgatan 28 A (the City’s counsel) celebrating the inauguration of the Kulturfestivalen (Culture festival) which will host different happenings around Majorna/Linné. For other Saturdays you might want to visit 8ight on the avenue. This bar and night club doesn’t host younger than 23 and you will have a clientele with crisp white shirts; it is open from 10 p.m. If you love it, then stay all night by all means – it is open until 3 a.m.

For a concert/band on a Gothenburg Nightlife on a Saturday, and for 22nd of October, there is Paul Simon, the polar prize winner performing at Skandinavium who used to be part of Simon and Garfunkel. Do you remember? – Cecilia was breaking their heart. . At Nefertiti on Hvitfeldsplatsen 6, there is a number of interesting clubs from the Afro-international perspective. On October 22nd the Simbi feat Sanba Zao, a Swedish afro-band will pay tribute to the Haitian creole vodou beat mixing west African pop, afrofunk and Caribbean dance music for a cost of 180 SEK, starting at 7 p.m. On October 29nd, the band Azymuth are playing a mixture of jazzfunk and samba from Brasil and it will cost you 200 SEK and starts at 7 p.m. The Mahotella Queens from South Africa who actually became known after the release of Paul Simon’s LP “Graceland” will be on. This is on Saturday November 5th and it starts at 7 p.m. The cost is 240 SEK. For all of these concerts please buy tickets in advance. If you want a FREE concert please visit Götaplatsen 9, Göteborg Konsthall for an improvisational concert by a Norwegian-Swedish trio on the 29th of October starting at 3 p.m.

For theatre you might want to see the Canadian acrobat group Machine de Cirque for 250 SEK at Stora teatern (Big theatre) at Kungsparken 1, featuring juggling, unicycles, teeterboards and even a towel to illustrate the apocalypse and how to survive it. In these days of political turbulence Svenska hijabs (Swedish hijabs) are focusing on the Swedish muslim women by presenting their stories on living with Hijabs in a Swedish society, find them at Backateatern (Backa theatre) Lärdomsgatan 1, playing only three times and one is on for this Saturday the 29th.

For clubbing Excet is open as usual, but on Saturdays it will cost you at least 160 SEK to enter. It may well be worth it since Excet is one of the busiest night clubs in Gothenburg. Age limit is 20 so if you are not around that age group try not to go there, as idifferent ages don’t seem to mingle well in Sweden. Club Beat at Nefertiti starts at midnight with afro-funk, tropical and soul on Saturday 22nd of October and costs only 100 SEK and is open until 4 a.m., with the limit of 20. Buy tickets in advance. If you are swinging a bit in different directions then Bee might be interesting at Kungstorget 13 where it is FREE entrance and 23 as age limit after 10 p.m. At Pustervik you have the first Saturday of the month club “High” (Dj’s and party), second or third Saturday of the month “Locus” (house) and the third Saturday of the month club “Woody West” (Rock and Pop) and the last Saturday of the month “Soulastic” (soul) which is important to mention since the hosts are giving us a variety of reasons to love Gothenburg even more.